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UK Diplomat Wanted UN Resolution For Iraq War

Six years ago a frenzy enveloped both the American people and leaders of the United Kingdom resulting in an invasion that was predicated on the assumption Saddam Hussein had WMD that must be seized and destroyed before employed. UN inspectors urged they be afforded additional time to pursue their investigations, but the dogs of war scented blodd and wanted to get in on the kill. Sir Jeremy Greenstock, the UK ambassador to the UN, expressed his misgivings then and today about the invasion that never should have been. “I regard our participation in the military action in Iraq in March, 2003 as legal, but of questionable legitimacy in that id did not have the democratically observable backing of UN) members or even perhaps of the majority of the people in the UK.”

During the Korean War, the US and the UK had the support of a UN resolution justifying use of force. The same was true during the Gulf War. However, President George Bush was determined on use of force and Prime Minister Tony Blair decided to support the erratic thinking of the American president or wanted to get in on the kill. In any case, thousands of soldiers have died because Blair and Bush ignored the UN. Such is the price of war– and DEATH.

Wither The UK With Or Without Labor?

The British Labor party historically represented forces of social concern and respect for individual rights. However, over the past decade under leadership of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown a new image has emerged regarding the party. Latest polls indicate a disastrous future for Labor the next election for parliament with only about 25% solidly behind their party. People are turning away from Labor because they have lost faith in its ability or willingness to deal with critical issues ranging from healthcare to the war in Afghanistan to the economic crisis.

Unfortunately, for Gordon Brown he is linked to the disaster that was Iraq when Blair decided to allow his friendship with Bush to overcome common sense and plunged the UK into an unpopular war which has economically impacted the nation. The real issue is being able to name an issue where Labor leadership gives hope for innovative thinking. The Afghan debacle will only get worse and more British soldiers will die, but Brown blunders ahead refusing to accept responsibility that Labor made a mistake by joining with Bush in Iraq. How about a Truth and Reconciliation Commission for members of the Labor Party?

The Silence Of Tony Blair About Torture!

The British Guardian newspaper has revealed former Prime Minister Tony Blair was aware the United States was engaged in the torture of prisoners but preferred the silence of the lamb than asserting his obligations to halt violations of international law. The policy option of Blair after 9/11 was to support his good buddy, George Bush, regardless of how it impacted his nation’s obligations under the Geneva Conventions and other international laws that forbid the torture of prisoners. British intelligence officers were given written instructions that they could not “be seen to condone” torture and they must not “engage in any activity yourself that involves inhumane or degrading treatment of prisoners.” However, they were also told they were not under any obligation to intervene to prevent detainees from being mistreated. “Given that they are not within our custody or control, the law does not require you to intervene to prevent this.”

However, this policy does not recognize a nation’s obligation to avoid complicity in torture which is a violation the UN convention against torture. The Guardian has repeatedly asked Blair if he knew about torture. His spokesman has told the newspaper that “it is completely untrue that Mr.Blair has ever authorized the use of torture” and he never knew it was being done. I guess one can believe such hogwash, this writer does not.

What Is Gordon Brown Hiding About Iraq??

Several British groups have asked the government to release Cabinet minutes for the meetings of March 13 and March 17, 2003 when discussions were held about the decision to support the Bush invasion of Iraq. Information Minister Richard Thomas ordered the release of the minutes arguing that their publication was in the public interest. His decision was supported by an independent tribunal last month. But, for the first time, the Brown government has decided to make use of “Section 53″ of the Freedom of Information Act which allows it to veto the release of documents. By drawing upon this section of the law it is impossible for challengers to take the case to court. According to a government spokesperson, the release of the documents would do “serious damage” to the frank discussions that took place on those two momentous days.

Members of parliament from every aspect of the political scene protested the decision. Many insisted the Brown decision showed disrespect for the people of Great Britain and their right to know why their nation got into a war. Of course, the men and women who died might complain of “serious damage” to their lives by the decision of Tony Blair and his associates.

London Police Bias Case Still Alive

The London police force leadership has been charged with bias toward several members of the force who are of Asian background. Tarique Ghaffur, the highest ranking policeman who is of Asian heritage has repeatedly claimed not only he but others of Asian background have been denied advancement due to their backgrounds. Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur vigorously disagrees with reports he has worked out an agreement for a pay off in return for backing away from his charges of racism. The alleged agreement pays him about $600,000 and requires him to sign a gag agreement which forbids further comments concerning racism and bias in the London Police force. However, Mr. Ghaffur, issued a statement that “contrary to the recent reporting in the press at this point in time there has been no settlement in this matter.”

Mr. Ghaffur was suspended in September when he publicly announ ced his intent to sue over racial discrimination and he pointed the finger at Commissioner Sir Ian Blair as the culprit. Ghaffur claims he has documents which have been accumulated over the past several years which conclusively prove there has been bias. Perhaps, the key words in the statement of Ghaffur are, “at this time.”

Tony Blair Talked Iraq Invasion In 2002!

George Bush used scare tactics to intimidate the American Congress and people in March, 2003 by insisting there was an immediate threat of WMD and something had to be done right away. This mantra has been repeated by other Bush lackeys such as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. However, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Helen Clark has revealed while she was attending the funeral for the Queen Mother in England in April, 2002, Tony Blair met with Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard, Canada’s Prime Minister Jean Chretien and herself to discuss the possibility for a need to invade Iraq. Clark told the British leader, “I didn’t think that was something New Zealand would want to be involved in, so we never let anyone think that we could go there.” She emphasized her intention of making clear to Blair(and Bush) that her nation was not going to participate in any invasion of Iraq.

The revelation by Helen Clark again raises questions as to whether or not an invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with WMD and everything to do with Bush’s intention of crushing Saddam Hussein. President Bush lied to the American people and Tony Blair lied to the people of Great Britain. That is the bottom line.

London Police Chief Fired By Conservative Mayor

The newly elected Conservative mayor of London, Boris Johnson, fired Sir Ian Blair, commissioner of the Metropolitan Police because he no longer had the confidence of the Mayor. There was great fear this firing meant political factors were now becoming a factor in deciding who will lead the London police. However, Sir Iran Blair finds himself in the midst of several conflicts, including charges from his own subordinates that he has been guilty of prejudice against Asians. This has been controversial questions raised about his administration of the police, but the antics of Mayor Johnson deal with issues that never should be allowed to enter questions of whether or not someone should serve in public office.

Mayor Johnson says it is time for a “clean break and a new start for policing in London. I have made it clear there comes a time in any organization that it is right to give new leadership.” No one could argue with that statement, but without any specific charges being raised, one is left wondering what exactly has Blair done to warrant the firing.

Kissinger And Blair Warn Of Oil Conflicts Erupting

Tony Blair and Henry Kissinger are attending an international economic conference in Russia where they spoke candidly about the current situation in the world. Former Nixon Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, urged Russia and the United States to draw closer since it was in the best interests of both nations to be united as dramatic changes sweep the world. He expressed the view that environmental or oil or terrorist issues “can be dealt with by confrontation between the United States and Russia.” In sharp contrast with President Bush who has set about to provoke Russian anger by building missile bases on its border, the practitioner of “realist” policies suggested a different approach. “It is not in the US interest to keep Russia down, and it’s not in the Russian interest to look at the United States as a protagonist.”

Both former prime minister Tony Blair and Kissinger warned that power in the world was shifting eastward to Russia, China, India and the Middle East. Blair suggested these shifts might eventually result in a return to old colonial power plays in which military force was used to obtain energy supplies.

There is little question Kissinger and Blair are suggesting real possibilities that might emerge if nations feel their prosperity is slipping away due to high oil prices. Nations like Saudi Arabia could readily be invaded by outside forces determined to gain control of more oil.

Betrayal Of Iraqis By Blair And Bush

In the days after US and British troops destroyed the regime of Saddam Hussein, thousands of Iraqis celebrated the new dream of a nation free from oppression and dictatorial rule. Thousands of Iraqis volunteered their talents to assist the invaders because they thought it would lead to creation of a democratic Iraq. Little did they realize the act of providing aid and assistance to the invaders was, in effect, a death sentece that would be carried out by Shiite or Sunni extremists. Sami Faleh Mohammed took up an offer from British forces and worked for them as a translator in 2004. Two years later he was murdered. This week his widow, Suhad Jssim Mohammed, initiated legal action against the British government on ground they failed to provide her husband protection even though they knew he had placed his life at risk in order to support British efforts at peace in Iraq.

On Monday, August 14, 2006, after completing his shift at British headquarters, Sami drove home only to be ambushed, taken from his car, and killed. His widow claims the British military should have taken greater precautions to protect her husband, but they allowed him to drive to his death without any support from those he served. She quotes a letter sent to her husband: “I am fully aware that our association with the Multi National Force(MNF) is dangerous… In order to have stability in the region, we must have support. I would ask that you continue to show up for all your daily taskings. You should also report any intimidation which you experience to your respective line managers. We will do what we can to minimize the effects of terrorists and criminals who stand in your way.”

The widow received $5,000 and a thank you. The thousands of Iraqis who worked for the invading armies have never received priority for immigration to Britain or the United States. Sweden currently has opened its doors to more refugees from Iraq than either the United States or Great Britain. At the least, those who worked and then died in the so-called “crusade for freedom” are entitled to have their families allowed to freely migrate to the United States and Britain. Perhaps, when this minimal action of common decency is carried out, President Bush can finally boast, “Mission Accomplished.”

Top Blair Aide Urges Negotiation With Al Qaida

Jonathan Powell, who served as chief of staff for former Prime Ministr Tony Blair, now argues, “There’s nothing to say to al-Qaida and they’ve got nothing to say to us at the moment, but at some stage you’re going to have to come to a political solution as well as a security solution. And that means you need the ability to talk.” He admitted at this point it is unclear who exactly might be the person or group within al-Qaida that might even enter into discussions, but at some point, talks must begin.

In a wide ranging review of the Blair administration, Powell expressed the view Labor did not govern boldly enough because it feared losing power. However, the British government did initiate secret tlks with IRA leaders in Ireland that set the stage for the final peace agreements. Powell raises a central issue about the process of eventually ending the current state of unrest in the Middle East. Perhaps, one might begin by dealing with the Iranian government which provides extensive aid to militant groups.