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Muslim Expert Declares Blasphemy Law Protects Dissent?

Every so often on planet Earth one encounters expressions of ideas which make absolutely no sense to anyone raised on the planet of Xul, way out in the universe. Nahdiatul Ulama chairman, Hasyim Muzadi, argues having a blasphemy law on the books is really designed to protect the rights of smaller religions. If the law was revoked, he argued, “they will be the ones who will suffer more losses.” Without a law allowing the government to decide what is allowed to be stated about religion will cause, “the religious tolerance we have been building all this time to be harassed.”

The law forbids anyone to insult another religion or to make statements that might be construed by leaders of a religion as denigrating what they say in the name of religion. I guess it is clear to me, blasphemy laws certainly protect the right of those in power to remain in power. I get it.