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Zimbabwe Solution To Hunger–More Government Ministers

It is frequently difficult to write about Zimbabwe under the leadership of the thug president Robert Mugabe without shaking one’s head in disbelief. The nation has an unemployment rate of about 85%, inflation is too high to even measure, thousands are dead of cholera, and millions have fled the country in search of food. So, what is the Mugabe solution to these problems– hire an additional 30 ministers to head the government. I suspect this ignorant writer does not quite grasp the brilliance of Mugabe– end unemployment by making everyone a member of the government!! What a solution! Wow, no one ever thought of that solution to lack of jobs!

Mugabe is adding 31 new ministers to his already bloated government. As Job Sikhala put it: “a collapsed economy like Zimbabwe cannot afford the luxury of 71 ministers even a country as the United States with 51 states has one president, one vice-president and a Cabinet of less than 21 ministers.” Yes, but we are now witnessing a rise in unemployment, so maybe Obama will learn from the African master of deceit and idiocy and add more members of the Cabinet. All Obama has to do is wander over to Wall Street and he can find plenty willing to join his government.