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Egypt– America’s Democratic Ally-Imprisons Bloggers!

Egypt is frequently cited by American leaders as a nation which is engaged in fighting the “war against terrorism” but scant mention is ever made of the war conducted within Egypt by its government against those who have the strange idea they have a right to an opinion that differs from that of President Mubarak. Karim Amer, a blogger, has been sentenced to prison for “defaming” Mubarak and inciting hate against Islam. Of course, any statement that challenges the president of Egypt is, by definition, defamation. Four bloggers and activists told of their experiences of being kidnapped and held for 17 days for daring to print the truth on their blog. Mohamed Adel was arrested without a warrant by security forces and placed in the punishment cell for days while he was handcuffed and blindfolded.

The bloggers were finally released but not until security forces made clear if they continued saying the wrong things on their blogs a trip to the punishment cell might not be the end of their problems. America stands for democracy in the Middle East as long as it has nothing to do with its democratic allies such as Egypt or Saudi Arabia.

At least in Egypt, it is not off with their heads!