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Israel Furious Over Swedish Blood Libel Story

A free society allows intelligent as well as ridiculous stories to circulate in the marketplace of ideas. A recent story in a Swedish national newspaper printed still another version of the off reported myth that Jews kill Christians and Muslims in order to get their body parts. The current version has Israel Defense Forces gathering dead Muslim bodies, cutting out body parts and then selling them. Those who defend the Swedish paper note a recent example in the New York area in which some rabbis were involved in a series of criminal acts including trafficking in human parts. Naturally, some argue if Jews did it in one place, they do it all over the world.

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt refused an Israel request to denounce the story on grounds a government should not get involved in telling the public which story is accurate or not. He is absolutely correct. Actually, even if the Swedish government denounced the story it would still circulate among those who hate Jews or who hate Israel.

There are people who see a ‘Jew” behind every evil in the world. They are emotionally and psychologically ill and no effort at rational thinking will alter their minds.

Swedish Newspaper Mouths Nazi Slogans

Democratic nations like Sweden have freedom of press which means the right to freely express nonsense and hatred. The Israel government and most sensible people are outraged at a story that appeared in the newspaper, Aftonbladet. According to the Afton bladet, members of the Israel Defense Force participated in the harvest of Palestinian organs which apparently were then were used in Israel. I am surprised a newspaper which seeks to be at the fore front of the latest news decided to publish a story that has been around a few hundred years. It is the old and well trodden “blood libel” story in which Jews lurk in wait in the dark for unsuspecting Christians, kill them, and then use their organs in their religious ceremonies.

The Swedish ambassador blasted the story as unbecoming one that should appear in a respectable newspaper. “The article in the Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet is as shocking and appalling to us Swedes as it is to Israeli citizens. We share the dismay expressed by Israel government representatives, media and the Israel public. This Embassy cannot but clearly distance itself from it.” Well said, Ambassador Elisabet Borsiin Bonnier.

Naturally, the Aftonbladet shrieked to high heaven the principle of freedom of the press. No one seeks to ban the newspaper, but just as it has the right to print any form of garbage it desires, so do individuals have the right to criticize its sinking to the level of yesterday’s garbage. Let me put it this way, the editor of Aftonbladet can secure work by contacting the American Tea Party which also engages in spreading fear and hate.

Blood Libel Alive In 21st Century Russia!

Passover is coming and there are still people in Russia who believe the holiday is a time when Jews wander around at night stealing innocent Christian children they can kill in order to get blood which is used to make matzah. Dozens of posters have appeared in the Siberian city of Novosibirst which say: “These vermin are still performing rituals , stealing small children and draining their blood to make their sacred bread.” The posters m ay be connecd with the disappearance of some children in the area. The blood libel has been around for centuries in Europe and has usually been used as a means of initiating violence against Jewish residents. At present the Russian Jewish population is about 1.5 million since at least a million left twenty years ago to seek refuge in Israel.

After Russia was defeated in the Russo-Japanese War early in the 20th century, the Russian secret police instigated riots against Jews in order to deflect anger away from the government, an old trick which served well the purposes of the nation’s incompetent leaders. My father was among Jews who were beaten, some killed, and many had shops destroyed by angry mobs who had to blame someone for Russia’s defeat. The latest manifestation of the blood libel is a sad commentary of the virulence of hatred that still lingers on in Russia.

Of course, when the matzahs were originally made by Jews fleeing Egypt, there were as of yet no Christians living in the world.