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Sri Lanka Hiding War Damage

Canadian Liberal MP, Bob Rae, has for many years been actively engaged in seeking to assist efforts to bring peace to Sri Lanka. In the past month, Sri Lankan forces have finally brought to an end the brutal civil war which has raged for over twenty five years. However, there is concern in many countries over the manner in which the government will deal with refugees who were caught in the difficult fighting to end the war. Bob Rae arrived at Bandaranaike airport on a mission to investigate the refugee situation only to be informed he could not enter the country. “We finally got a message saying that if I admitted that I had made statements that were ill informed or something like that, they might reconsider the decision.” He asked authorities to identify the specific statements but they refused.

The aftermath of a civil war is as important as its beginning. Mr. Rae cares about the people of Sri Lanka and has made ten trips over the past decade in his efforts to assist attaining peace. It is Orwellian to ask people to sign statements they made incorrect remarks without specifying exactly what was wrong.