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Can One Support A Boycott Of Israel Goods?

This blog has consistently opposed those who seek a boycott of Israel goods while ignoring more blatant violations of human rights such as in China or the Congo or in Iran and a dozen other nations in which thousands are killed. However, the United Kingdom Methodist Church has identified a more specific way of instituting a boycott. It seeks to boycott any goods produced by Israeli settlements which are located on land taken from Palestinians. It hopes such action will deal with the settlements and their impact on the peace process. “it reflects the challenge that settlements pre;sent to a lasting peace in the region.” A valid point and we support this goal.

However, we expect the UK Methodist Church to also support boycotts against Chinese products coming from Tibet, an area which has been taken over by Chinese business enterprises at the expense of local Tibet people. We also expect the church to identify other areas fit for boycott such as factories in which children are abused and forced to work in terrible conditions. If the concept of directed boycott makes sense, it should be used in all examples of violation of human rights.