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What Now Nigeria After Bloodshed?

The days of violence which swept northern areas of Nigeria apparently have come to a quiet, if not controversial conclusion. Armed forces crushed the militant Boko Haram sect with severity and decisiveness. Governors of Nigeria met to discuss the situation which has left hundreds dead and scores wounded. They issued a public statement “we ned to be bold, courageous and decisive on matters that affect the security of lives and property of the citizens.”

governor Ali Sheriff who heads the state of Bono that a major cause of violence was the presence of clerics who preached violence in mosques and schools. He announced formation of a “preaching board” which would “ascertain that only qualified and reliable clerics would be allowed to preach in mosques and other places.”

Perhaps, the clerics are symptoms rather than causes of the riots. Failure on the part of Nigeria’s educational system and business community to create a spirit of multiculturalism has caused people to cluster into Christian and Muslim groups. Most probably, security forces killed the leader of the sect, but, if the past holds true there will be other clerics preaching hate. Confront the causes which lead people to hate is the only way to curb their power.