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Is Silence Of Congressmen Needed?

The virtue of living in a democracy is that everyone can spout their ideas without being silenced. A problem living in a democracy is that every congressman believes he has the necessity of telling the world his views on how to handle other nations forgetting that his words will be printed all over the world. Congressman John Murtha is a former Marine who has a tendency to let loose with comments that most probably never should be uttered in public. He told the media if the Taliban gained power in Pakistan, he would recommend that the American military should bomb Pakistan nuclear sites to take out the nuclear bombs. “What I worry about the most is if the Taliban were to destabilize the (Pakistan) government. We think we know where the weapons are, and we have to be prepared if it goes the wrong way to destabilize the sites.”

OK, Congressman Murtha, the United States might have to do what you propose, but do you have to tell the people of Pakistan they might be bombed by the United States? Exactly, how do such statements get received in the Muslim world? Remember what your folks told you, remain silent and think carefully before you speak?