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British White Racist Terrorist Was Ready To Kill

The media is prone to focus on “terrorists” who come from Muslim or Asian nations rather than dealing with home grown individuals who are ready to bomb and kill. The media employs expressions such as a “militant” or “racist” but rarely terms the individual as a “terrorist.”Neil Livingston, a British white skinned terrorist was arrested by chance at a railway station as he was preparing to unleash violence against those he termed as “non-British.” A spokesman for the police said “this man, who had strong, if not fanatical rightwing leanings and opinions, was on teh cusp of embarking on a campaign of terrorism against those he considered non-British.” He lived with his parents and used their home to develop a bomb making center which would serve to create bombs that he wanted to use against Muslims and other groups.

Mr. Livingston is an ordinary man. He was fired from jobs and had lacked steady employment. This undoubtedly made him seek to find explanations for his downward slide in the economy of the nation and what better answer than immigrants. Unfortunately, there are many Livingstons in the world and more on the way as the recession deepens.