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Afghan Civilian Deaths Confirmed In Bombing

Representatives from the International Red Cross confirmed that a bombing attack by American plane resulted in the deaths of dozens of civilians including women and children. Photos obtained by the Associated Press showed villagers burying the dead while others worked through rubble in search of other bodies. International Red Cross spokesperson, Jessica Barry said: “there were bodies, there were graves, and there were people burying bodies when we were there. We did confirm women and children.” Villagers claimed they placed women, children and the elderly in several compounds to protect them from fighting between Coalition/US forces and the Taliban. For some reason, the compounds were blasted by American planes.

The increased strength of the Taliban leads inevitably to the use of air attacks called in by American and Coalition forces who feel overwhelmed. President Karzai of Afghanistan has been complaining for months these air attacks only result in providing support for the Taliban since villagers can not understand whey they suffer when fighting breaks out.

Al-Qadea In Algeria Launches Bombing Attacks

A devastating bomb attack east of Algiers killed 43 people including young members of a Police Academy and wounded dozens. Algeria has increasingly witnessed escalation in the scale of al-Qaeda violence in the nation since announcement of a new al-Qaeda presence in the country. In recent months the mountainous region east of Algiers has seen numerous attacks by the North African wing of the terrorist organization which seeks to establish a fundamentalist Islamic government. A few days ago, a suicide car bombing killed six civilians in Zemmouri. Algerian army sources believe the bombings were in retaliation for an Army ambush which resulted in the death of 12 rebels.

After years of violence in Algeria which resulted in the death of over 150,000 people, the situation quieted down until the recent revelation al-Qaeda has established a new organization in North Africa to further its militant aims. In one sense, the failed policies of George Bush in the Middle East have resulted in a ripple effect as militants who flocked to Iraq to fight Americans are now heading west to fight in Algeria. The legacy of the Iraq war lives on even though there has been a reduction in death within that nation. George Bush has done more to recruit terrorists than any person in history.

Madness In Somalia Goes On And On

The ongoing slaughter of the innocent continued in Somalia when Ethiopian soldiers blasted the market area in Mogadishu after being attacked by Muslim militants. Anti-government Muslim militants sent some mortars in the direction of Ethiopan troops who were guarding the hilltop complex of Vill Somlia and hit their position. In response Ethiopian forces sent shells hurtling into the Barara market area of the capital which lay below. Seventeen people were killed and dozens were wounded by fire originating from Ethiopian soldiers who supposedly entered their nation to restore law and order from fundamentalist Muslim groups.

Ali Mohammed Siad told Reuters, “We believe the Ethiopian troops targeted Bakara deliberately” even though merchants have hired their own guards to prevent insurgents from using the area to conduct attacks. Somalia leaders have long blamed the Bakar market area for being the source of supplying weapons to insurgents.

Over a year ago the United States encouraged Ethiopia to launch an attack on Somlia in order to get rid of its fundamentalist Muslim government. The result has been hatred towad the Christian foreign Ethiopians from Somalians and ever increasing violence. This is merely another footnote to the dysfunctional foreign policy of George Bush.

Who Was Behind Attack On Benazir Bhutto In Pakistan?

Ahmed Rashid, writing from Pakistan told Der Spiegel there were rumors circulating concerning who was behind the bombings at Benazir Bhutto’s return which left at least 120 dead. Although, she was told by the nation’s security there was a risk of violence if she had an open parade, Bhutto insisted on showing herself to adoring crowds. “She had to show the whole country that she had many supporters and followers,” says Rashid. She was also sending a message to President Musharraf that she had greater popularity among the masses of Pakistanis. Rashid says it is unclear who was behind the bombings, but “there is speculation that the attack was not carried out by Islamists, but by certain groups within the regime who don’t want Bhutto in the country.” Although over 20,000 soldiers were sent to protect the parade, many of them came from the provinces where there is intense dislike of Bhutto.

The bombings undoubtedly will impact the election process. Many people will avoid attending political events fearing their lives might be endangered. This means less open political discussion in Pakistan. An outside observer might raise a simple question: who benefits by lack of political discussion? President Musharraf is not the most popular person to many Pakistanis and he most probably benefits by reducing opportunities for open and frank discussion.