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The Wages Of Sin Arouse Anger In Washington

The corporate and financial leaders of America have transformed their organizations into failed enterprises and, despite their opposition to “big government,” have begged for assistance to meet their bills. In essence, a company like AIG does not have money in their coffers except for money coming in from the federal government. But, the one consistency in the lives of these corporate executives is they are entitled to a bonus, it is in their contracts. Exactly, how one gets a bonus when the company is almost bankrupt is a concept only understood by those running AIG. President Obama reacted with fury to the news of large bonus payments to these outstanding leaders who have driven their company to ruin.”How do they justify this outrage to the taxpayers who are keeping the company afloat?… I’m choked up with anger.”

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo of New York is investigating the legality of giving money the company does not possess. “When a company pays funds that the company effectively doesn’t have, it’s akin to looting of a company.” But, to these paragons of capitalism who oppose paying money to “welfare cheats,” you know, people who want handouts from the government for doing nothing, it is not welfare when given to them.

Is US Army Running Out Of Recruits?

The United States military is pouring millions into the effort of recruiting men and women to serve their nation, but demographics suggest this is occurring at a time when there are fewer eligible recruits, fewer parents supportive of their children entering the armed forces and a lower desire to serve. The Congressional Research Service expressed the view: “There may well be a point of diminishing returns in the current environment” in terms of spending on bonuses, advertising and recruitment. Lawrence Kapp stated this analysis at a recent talk given at the Heritage Foundation.

The Pentagon issued a vigorous denial of Kapp’s claim insisting “the bonuses have been very effective.” However, of the 31.2 million people inthe 2007 pool of potential recruits in the age bracket of 17-24, only 4.7 milliion were even considered fit for miltiary service, The seven year wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have negatively impacted milions of young Americans. Kapp did offer a bit of good news regarding his gloomy predictions about recruits.”The reality of what we’re doing overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan…might be kind of weeding out those who are risk-averse. Everyone in the military today…(is) fully aware of the risks that they’re facing and encountering, and they’re going ahead and joining or re-upping.”

There are fewer and fewer fathers who have served in the military and parents are concerned about the ongoing fiasco of Iraq and Afghanistan. These are not popular wars as far as most Americans regard the fighting and dying. Loss of faith in George Bush has translated to loss of interest in having one’s child fight in the army.