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Bounce Kids Out Of School By A Bouncer

A British school has finally come up with a strategy to handle kids who don’t know how to behave, let a bona-fide bouncer teach the little bugger a few things about life by shoving him out the front door of the school. A school in the UK has hired two bouncers who were given full time jobs as “cover supervisors” and their job is quite clear, keep the little tykes in line and if they don’t obey the teacher, show them how a real bouncer handles unruly customers by throwing them out the door. One recruitment agency has advertised offering retired Marines, firemen, and athletes to handle any discipline problem that might arise.

There is no end to what can be accomplished by using bouncers. How about bouncers to send some congressmen flying when they open up their ignorant mouths. Then again, Sarah Palin, are you listening– the next time you gaze across the Bering Straits there might be a man behind you to bounce you across the water.