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About Time -Cuba Travel Restrictions Reduced

For nearly half a century, American foreign policy towards Cuba has been dictated by a small group of angry Cuban exiles who believe hatred is the basis of policy. Finally, President Obama has announced a change in policy that would lift some travel restrictions. “Restrictions on the families will be lifted” said an official which in effect means Cuban families can be united and the ridiculous policy of banning any interaction with the Cuban nation will end. The bottom line is there is no evidence pretending the Cuban government does not exist has benefited either the United States or the Cuban people. The only prior time Cubans could travel to their native land was during the Carter administration.

Castro remains in power despite American foreign policy. The people of Cuba suffer and there is no evidence boycotting their leaders leads to improved conditions.

Israel Goes Crazy In Desire For Self Destruction

During the past two decades Israelis have complained their government has no peaceful people to negotiate with on the Palestinian side. They deride Hamas as a violent group bent on the destruction of the state of Israel. However, Israel will most probably have a coalition government which includes Avigdor Lieberman whose idea of compromise is to drive out all Israeli Arabs and to refuse to give up an inch of the West Bank. There are reports he will become the new Foreign Minister of Israel!! He is against a two state solution even though the United States and the European Union have backed such a compromise. The new coalition which will be led by Benjamin Netanyahu has raised the possibility it seeks to destroy Hamas in Gaza.

The world can not accept an Israel government in which Avigdor Lieberman is Foreign Minister. There is only one alternative if this mad man is appointed to such a position of leadership –BOYCOTT ANY AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN GOVERNMENT! The United States and the European Union should refuse to attend any meeting in which Lieberman represents Israel as a foreign minister. It is clear the Israeli people have gone mad due to their fears and seek to embark on a binge of self destructiveness.

Hamas Steals From Palestinian People!

Thousands of people throughout the world, justifiably, went into the streets in protest against the over reaction by Israel armed forces to rocket attacks. Now, is the time for those same protestors to go into the streets and demand that Hamas cease stealing from the people of Gaza. The United Nations has halted further shipment of supplies into Gaza after Hamas police went into UN warehouses and took tons of material and food. They also intercepted trucks entering Gaza and took cargoes for their own use. UNRWA spokesperson, Chris Gunness, made clear, “there is enough for days, not weeks” and soon supplies will run out. At present, about 80% of Gazans depend on UN aid in order to survive.

Hamas has repeatedly acted as irresponsible as have Israeli leaders in placing their own interests in front of the needs of the people of Gaza. The continued firing of rockets by Hamas is merely another attempt to provoke an Israel attack on Gaza which allows Hamas t pose as “defenders of the people.” Most probably, Hamas is taking UN supplies and distributing them under the mantle of “Hamas” in order to prove they alone are concerned about the people.

The solution is simple. President Abbas must be allowed to resume control of Gaza, an international force, it could well be Turkish in composition, should assume control of all crossings and supplies should be sent in.

Time Running Out In Burma

As the days and weeks pass without any significant change in Burma prospects disappear for aiding the oppressed people of that nation. Michael Vatikotis, of the Asian Centre For Humanitarian Dialogue, says the recent announcement by the military junta of a constitutional committee which fails to include representatives of opposition parties indicates an attitude of proceeding as usual. Burma’s military leaders talk with UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari, shake their heads as though there is interest in what he urges, and after Gambari leaves, they go right back to the old ways of ignoring the world. ASEAN, the Association of Southeastern Nations, has been unable to come up with a joint approach that might combine a carrot-stick proposal to the junta. China and India which can exert pressure refuse to take any action that threatens their economic interests in Myanmar. According to Vtaikotis, if nothing concrete is proposed, “the generals in Burma will correctly conclude that they have been given a free pass again” to go on with oppressing the people of Burma.

Perhaps, there is one option that might be taken. Organization of a world wide boycott of the Olympic Games in 2008 would force China to take action and force the military junta to institute changes. Is there any one out there willing to lead such a boycott?

Gordon Brown On Zimbabwe: I Will Not Attend The African Summit

Prime Minister Gordon Brown made it clear he will not attend the upcoming European-African Summit meeting if Robert Mugabe is representing Zimbabwe. “We are not prepared to give any suggestion to anybody.. that we condone an abuse of human rights in his country, the poverty and deprivation of his people and his unacceptable behaviour as president.” An official from the African Union’s Peace and Security Committee said Zimbabwe is an African nation and the Union would not tolerate interference in its internal affairs. “We resort to interference only in extreme cases of violence of genocide.”

In South Africa’s fight to end apartheid, its leaders frequently urged boycotts of the South African government or banning South Africa from participating in many international sporting events and meetings. Fast forward fifteen years and now South Africa and other African nations who wanted boycotts to fight oppression are strangely quiet and inactive when Robert Mugabe is oppressing his people. Perhaps, the African Union does not consider an inflation rate of 25,000% and unemployment figures of up to 80% as constituting a “severe case,” but the people of Zimbabwe would beg to differ. Opposition leaders are brutalized, food is distributed to those who support the government while opponents are blocked from even basic necessities and at least 2,000,000 people have fled. Gordon Brown is doing what Nelson Mandela did fifteen years ago when Africans stood up for African human rights.