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BP Has Oil On Its Hands In Libyan Criminal’s Release!

A growing storm of protest is arising as information leaks out concerning a “deal in the desert” in which former Prime Minister Tony Blair entered into a secret agreement with Libya dictator, Colonel Gaddafi for the release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi who killed hundreds of people in the destruction of Pam Am flight 103 in Scotland. A supposed “deal in the desert” allowed a man who murdered people to go free on grounds he will old and ill, and, in exchange, the beloved BP company received an opportunity to make a few billion. The British Daily Mail newspaper claims that Blair flew to Libya last month, an allegation that he denies along with charges he is an advisor to the government of Libya. However, BP did release a statement about the entire matter, and admits, “it did bring to the attention of the United Kingdom government in 2007 its concern about the slow progress in conducting a prisoner-transfer agreement with Libya. Like many others, we were aware that delay might have negative consequences for UK commercial interests including ratification of BP’s exploration agreement.”

In simple, clear English this means BP was to receive rights to get oil in Libya in exchange for the release of a murderer. BP has oil on its hands in the Gulf of Mexico and blood on its hands in Scotland.

Leaking Oil Gun Spills Out Truth

In any government or corporate cover up the inevitable questions to pose are: who knew what, when did they know it, what did they do when they knew that a disaster was at hand? Congressman Ed Markey has uncovered documents which dramatically prove BP executives very quickly understood the extent of the oil spill and very quickly swung into action in order to deflect blame away from themselves onto other groups or individuals. According to the Democratic congressman, “this document raises very troubling questions about what BP knew and when they knew it. It is clear that, from the beginning BP has not been straightforward with the government or the American people about the true size of the spill.” On day one, they used the figure of about 1,000 gallons daily which slowly crept up to about 5,000 gallons daily, and now is estimated to be about 100,000 gallons daily. The company lacked a cohesive contingency plan on how to handle a spill and documents reveal the plan they did possess discusses how to deal with walruses in the Gulf of Mexico who, in reality, are thousands of miles away.

The next step in this fiasco is initiating criminal charges against those in charge of this company. Let the courts decide if they knew and if knowing, they did anything about honestly confronting the problem.

Bye, Bye, Tony, Hello, Hello, Bob

British Petroleum led off with its prominent leader only to discover testifying before a group of angry Democrats and Republicans who are attempting to outdo the other in protestations of anger at the oil spill is not exactly the best approach to calming the American public. BP chairman, Carl-Henric Svanberg, mumbled to the media, “it is clear that Tony(Hayward) has made remarks that have upset people.” Gee, why should Americans be upset when the head of a company that is dumping millions of gallons of oil into our waters informs the US government that he doesn’t have a clue on what caused the oil spill, and knows even less on how to fix the problem. Oh, he did mention that BP was not entirely responsible, because “other companies” were also at fault.

Bye, bye, Tony, and we welcome American born Bob Dudley who is now in charge of cleaning up the mess. Then again, if “other companies” are responsible, shouldn’t they be appointing someone to step in and help solve problems?

Obama Wakes Up To Environment Reality–Finally!

In 1973, and Arab world embargo on oil threatened to compel Americans to rethink their ideas concerning dependance on oil, but within a few months, old time optimism returned to continuing big cars, low gas mileage and oil addiction did not end. For some reason, the people of the United States inhabit a dream world in which they can continue using oil, sending billions of dollars abroad, and enjoy a good life. President Obama told the website Politico it was time to change. “In the same way that our view of vulnerabilities and our foreign policy was shaped profoundly by 9/11, I think the disaster(BP oil spill) is going to shape how we think about the environment for many years to come.” For some strange reason relatives of those who died in the 9/11 attack interpreted his remarks as insulting to the memory of 9/11 victims. The president was attempting to explain, once again, that America MUST CHANGE ITS DEPENDANCE ON OIL!! Got it!

OK, Mr. president, you made the statement, how about going before the American people in a series of discussions to spell out what is means to their daily lives by shifting from dependance on oil. Talk is cheap and not politically expensive. Spell out the specifics and risk some political dollars.

First TEA Party, Now UK Pensioners After Obma

These are not good days for President Obama. On one hand, Republicans, FOX News, the Tea Party and every right wing kook in the media is blasting him for failure to end the oil spill, on the other hand, financial experts and old people in the United Kingdom are blasting him for being nasty to poor old BP, a company which is beloved by investors in England. The stock price of BP shares has dropped at least 40% in value which undoubtedly angers those who invested their money in what they considered to be a “safe” company. As the president tells Americans he is seeking an ass to kick, British financial experts are furious that his foot is pointed in the direction of Great Britain. Mark Dampier of the financial company, Hargreaves, blasted President Obama for “playing to the gallery” which “does not bring a solution any closer. Obama has his foot on the throat of British pensioners. There is no point in bashing BP all the time. It’s not helpful,” and, by golly, it sure hurts dividends being paid out.

In addition to losing share worth, BP will have to pay to the American people about $20 to $40 billion to cover the cost of their stupidity. President Obama was more than helpful to BP. He gave them weeks, then months to clean up their mistake but all the incompetents could do was make things worse. They are lucky if they only get a kick in the ass.

Sorry, pensioners, don’t look across the Atlantic for the cause of your financial woes, look toward London.

Whose Ass To Kick About Oil Spill- Everyone?

President Obama appeared on NBC Today in order to express his ideas on the current oil disaster which is unfolding in the Gulf Of Mexico. He was particularly incensed by remarks from BP CEO Tony Hayward who told the media the oil spill “environmental impact ” is likely “to be very, very, modest.” The president blew up and retorted, “he wouldn’t be working for me after any of those statements.” In response to questions from critics that he is grandstanding by visiting fishermen in the Gulf, Obama retorted, “I don’t sit around just talking to experts because this is a college semina, we talk to those folks because they potentially have the best answers so I know whose ass to kick.”

The issue of ass is interesting. Back in 1973 when the initial oil crisis arose due to actions of Arab leaders it was quite evident to any ordinary person, let alone any “expert” that America had to wean itself from oil dependance. Nearly forty years later, not much has been done. If the president seeks ass to kick, he might invite in the entire Republican and Democratic leadership, plus himself and have an ass kicking party. As I recall, a few months before the oil disaster, Obama was urging drill, drill off the eastern coast in order to score political points. Gaze in the mirror, come before the American people with a plan that also includes sacrifice, and be honest! That would be a welcome change, and, it might also result in restoring trust in government.

BP Seeks Oil For Masses

British Petroleum might be centered in the United Kingdom, but its goal is truly global. This is among the first multinational corporations which is attempting to spread the wealth across the entire planet. I realize some Americans are becoming hysterical because a few gallons of oil have spilled on some beaches and got a few spots of oil on some damned birds. Exactly, who told them birds to fly onto a beach covered with oil, if they had some sense, they would have flown away. Of course, this raises questions as to exactly who is sending these birds to oiled beaches–it has to be al-Qaeda, after all, they are responsible for any and all natural calamities. On the other hand, I wish Americans and people of the world would examine the bright side of this oil spill. Anyone, with a can has the opportunity to run down to a beach and get all the oil they need. BP officials should do a better job of spreading the word how they are equal oil producers and simply want to share their oil with the entire planet.

I hate to inform those picking up the oil for free, but BP is planning an operation, “for kill” which will send tons of cement into the hole and block the free export of oil to underdeveloped nations. If that does not work, let me recommend finding the graves of the Marx Brothers and ask their ghosts to take over this clean up operation.

Come to think about it, maybe It is not the Marx Brothers who are in charge, but the Three Stooges,