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Is Olympic Committee Certain About Rio de Janeiro?

President Barack Obama rushed to Copenhagen in an effort to persuade the Olympic Committee to select his beloved Chicago, home of the always losing Chicago Cubs and birthplace to numerous gangs. However, the committee made Rio de Janeiro its choice without considering who exactly is currently inhabiting parts of that city. Over the past weekend, the police and drug gangs engaged in open war which left 12 dead and a police helicopter shot down. The clash between police and drug gangs left parts of the city looking like it was a left over scene from a movie about Iraq. Governor Sergio Cabrai admitted ending violence in his city can’t be cured “by magic in the short term.” He promised the Olympic Committee that 40,000 police and soldiers would be on the streets of Rio when the games begin.

I am not so much worried about what will be done to cure violence in the long run, but in the short run, thousands of athletes and tourists will be entering Rio in search of games and peace of mind. Unfortunately, the decent people of Rio have the reputation of being among the most violent cities in the world. Just wait until someone loses a close race– will bullets or merely words fly?

British Tourists Arrested In Brazil Because Not Law Grads

Two British tourists have been arrested in Brazil for making false charges of being robbed in a city where robbery is highly unusual. This case suggests either (a) UK law schools graduate incompetent lawyers or (b) Brazilian police don’t make sense. According to the police, Shanti Andrews and Rebecca Turner who both recently graduated from law school decided to pull a scam by claiming they were robbed in order to collect insurance. The two bright ladies walked into a Brazilian police station to file a report and, according to the police, left the items they claimed were stolen lying around in their hotel room. Could be, but if so it suggests the two young ladies need a refresher course on how to scam police.

The two young ladies are being held in a notorious Brazilian jail where vicious criminals are lodged, no doubt, due to the gravity of claiming they lost some panties or dresses or what. Police say they can not place the two ladies in a less violent jail because no one has provided proof these women actually graduated from a law school. I am not that bright, I only have a Ph.D, but what does the fact one did or did not graduate from a law school have to do with the ladies being locked up in with murderers and thieves?

It’s Them White Folk With Blue Eyes!

Brazilian President Lula de Silva blasted white people in the world as the cause of the current economic crisis which he believes has most impacted poor darker skinned people. He said “white people with blue eyes” are the ones who destroyed the banking system and sent the world into a downward spiral of poverty that now impact millions of innocent dark skinned individuals. “It’s not an ideological question–the fact is that once again we find that most of the poor who have not even participated in globalization have been the first victims of the crisis.”

This raises questions about white people with dark eyes. Are they at all responsible for what has happened? Perhaps, it is time to check out any white person with blue or dark eyes and find out their exact role in the financial crisis. If it turns out that only blue eyed are devils, we can take off the hook those white people with dark eyes who live in Brazil.

By the way, whatever happened to the darker skinned dark eyed people of Japan? Do they fit in anywhere?

Brazilian Rainforest Will Be Gone Says Gone Minister

Marina Silva, Minister of Evnironment in the Brazilian government, has finally decided she is unable to succeed in her battle to save the rainforest and will depart her position. In a letter to President Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, Ms. Silva said her efforts to protect the rainforest were being thwarted by powerful business lobbies. “Your Excelency was a witness to the growing resistance found by our team in important sectors of the government and society” she wrote the president. Her departure makes clear that Lula has drifted away from his promises to make a vigorous effort to save the rainforest from destruction by business interests.

The worldwise boom in agricultural coomodities has created an ongoing thirst for land and energy in Brazil and the result will undoubtedly prove catastropic for the rainforest. The president has been under pressure from business interests to proceed with plans for agricultural expansion since there are billions of dollars at stake in using rainforest land.

Marclo Furtado, campaign director for Greenpeace Brazil, says “Although Lula has adppted the environment talk, the practice is development at whatever cost.” The government is already prepared to construct a massive hydroelectric dam on the Xingu River despite opposition for environment groups. Money talks and the environment walks.

Brazil Knocking On Door Of OPEC

Brazilian President Luis Ignacio Lula de Silva believes it is time for OPEC to recognize the emerging oil impact of his nation and make it a member of the oil producing nations’ club. In 2007, a uage oil reserve was disccovered off the coast of Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro area. The find could well catapult Brazil’s oil reserve by about 40% which should make Brazil an emerging economic powerhourse. Lula wants to combine the enormous work his nation has done in ethanol production with the new oil reserves to prove Brazil is no longer a third world nation, but an important figure in modern oil production. His goal is that by 2025, ethanol will handle all internal needs of the nation for oil which leaves the newly discovered oil to be sold abroad.

Lula, in an interview with Der Spiegel, argues Europe should not get involved in ethanol production but leave that aspect of energy to Latin American and Africa. “Our production costs are unbeatable,” he argues, and it is time for Europe and American to accept the role Brazil can play in the energy crisis facing the world.

Brazil brings to oil the presence of a stable government run on democratic princples and willing to cooperate with the world.