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Trials And Tribulations Of Being British MP

British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is engaged in a new conflict over expense reports she submitted which included films ordered by her husband. The interesting question is under which category of an expense report does a film fall? I assume it is entertainment which certainly is an important need for those who serve in the government. Of course, they could also secure access to entertainment if they spent a few more days in the halls of Parliament and listened to MPs discuss what exactly is the need for its members to include films they watch as part of their government expenses. Left wing MP, Harry Cohen, is under fire for having charged his “second home” to the tune of $550,000 over the past few decades. He insists that back in 1980, then Conservative Prime Minister John Moore told MP “go out boys and spend it” in reference to a new bill which authorized paying for expenses.

How about a really radical left wing suggestion– pay MPs and members of the US Congress a salary and that’s it! If you want to watch adult films or go to strip joints, you are on your own. If you want to spend time with your sister, as did Jacqui Smith, call it a visit, but don’t claim it is your second home. Pay them and then they are on their own! Now, Mr. Left Wing, Harry Cohen, that is what left wingers not only believe but live out in their lives. I hate to tell you this, Mr. Cohen, but when you go out and “spend it” the “it” is the money of working people.

British Refugee Group Discriminates!

The British Refugee Council which works with individuals from all parts of the world would ordinarily be the last place one would expect racial discrimination to raise its ugly head. However, Zaina Ukwaju won a discrimination case against the Council as did her colleague, Nigerianborn Eammanuel Obikwu. A Tribunal ruled the Refugee Council was guilty of racial discrimination after it fired the only two black employees on its staff. One of the individual’s who was fired noted the Council’s operation manageer, Anne-Marie Leech, did not fire anyone who attended a party at her house and for some reason the black employees were not invited.

As in all such cases, the British Council assured one and all, “we have reviewed our procedures to ensure all staff are treated equally and fairly.” Has anyone thought about reviewing procedures BEFORE firing the only black people on your staff!!

Iran Slams Britain For Supporting Terrorism!

The Iranian government which supports numerous terrorist groups throughout the Middle East such as Hizbullah is upset at the British government’s decision to remove its ban on Mujahedin e-Khain(MKO) which has been creating problems inside Iran for over thirty years. The MKO is founded in an Islamic-Marxist base and, although supporting the overthrow of the Shah in the 1970s, has not been a supporter of the present government of Iran. It has conducted raids and bombings, and was responsible for the assassinations of several prominent Iranian clerics in the early 1980s. The MOK received support from Saddam Hussein and was initially friendly with Americans but has subsequently become identified by America as a terrorist organization.

MOK is listed by the European Union and the United States as a terrorist group, but a British court ordered it be removed from the terror list. Ironically, Iran which encourages terrorist groups is now complaining that other nations will not join its efforts to deal with the MOK.

Terror Intensifies In Zimbabwe

A top leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change in Zimbabwe was arrested and became the most senior members of MDC to be thrown into jail. Arthur Mutambara was accused of insulting President Mugabe whose wife several days ago charged the MDC as the group responsible for fostering violence in the nation. Mutambara was arrested “for publishing falsehoods and for contempt of court for an opinion article he wrote in April which criticised the president of Zimbabwe. The editor of the main opposition newspaper, The Standard, was arrested last week for writing similar falsehoods against the current government which has wrecked the economy and destroyed democracy. Three fellow MDC lawmakers have been arrested over the past few weeks as Mugabe ramps up his campaign of intimidation and terror.

Last week, by accident, the body of Tonderai Ndira, an activist for MDC, was found. His eyes had been gouged out and his tongue cut off. Given claims by Mrs. Mugabe that MDC is responsible for terror one can only assume she will now insist Ndira was killed by MDC to cast suspicion on her wonderful husband and damage his unblemished record of supporting democracy!!

No Welcome Mat For Western “Enemies” In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s Minister of Justice, Patrick Chinamasa, made it clear his government would not allow international observers to monitor the run-off election. He said the ruling Zanu-PF party would not succumb to outside pressure from either the opposition or other nations of the world, but would defend their right to control an election. “We will not allow them(Western countries) becasue they are players. We will think favorably of them if they lift sanctions. Until they do that, there is no basis to have any realtionship with them.”

The “Justice” Minister blasted opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai because he “seeks to introduce new rules in a game that has already started. He should stop playing or acting like a spoilt child.” Since Chnamasa was on a role attacking anyone who will not sanction President Mugabe’s ruthless campaign to maintain power, he also blasted Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa for failing to denouce sanctions against Zimbabwe. He also blamed Great Britain was funding the Movement for Democratic Change which he regarded as an illegal action.

There is little doubt this time around, Mugabe is going to completely control the electoral process to ensure there is no more need for any run-offs. The only question is exactly by what percentage does he want to come out the winner in the run-off.

British Voters Green With Anger Over Green Ideas

The typical voter in Great Britain apparently does not believe there is any such thing as a possble planetary catatrophe on the horizon regarding the impact of global warming. They are more pronse to buy into theories of being oppressed by the government with taxes than feel threatened by decline in size of glaciers or threats to their everyday lives from pollution. A recent poll conducted by Opinium reveals seven out of ten voters will not pay higher taxes to fund projects dealilng with reducing climate change. Most believe so called “green taxes’ are merely a device by government to raise money for normal expenses and have nothing to do with global warming. Great Britain is committed to reduce carbon emissions by 60% in the coming decades, but such a goal is not of particular interest to the average voter.

Three out of ten do not even believe green efforts will have an discernble impact on the planet. They are cynical, doubtful, and distrustful of government when it comes to issues of pollution and global warming. Mike Childs of Friends of Earth suggests: “The government could put a windfall tax on the big oil companies and use the money to insulate homes or introduce a feed-in-tariff to pay people to produce renewable energy.”

We inhabit a planet in which highly advanced economic societies apparently do not wish to assume responsibility for the survival of the world. A rather sad commentary on human life.

Mugabe Plays Imperialism Card To Remain In Office

President Robert Mugabe came out swinging in a speech on Friday in which he accused his opponents of being financed and directed by British agents who are trying to overthrow his government in order to re-establish British colonial rule. Even as he spoke, his Zanu-PF party members were establishing torture sites where opponents of the Mugabe regime were being beaten and tortured for daring to vote the wrong way in last month’s election. The Human Rights Watch organization said it had intrviewed over 30 people who describe how Zanu-PF members have set up these torture camps that systematically “target, beat and torture people suspected of having voted for the MDC(Movement for Demcoratic Change) in last month’s elections.”

The Election Commission which so far refuses to reveal the accurate vote count from last month’s election is now conducting a recount in parliamentay districts which no doubt will result in a victory for Zanu-PF candidates even though previous figurs indicate they lost control of parliament by a vote of 109 to 97.

It is difficult imaginging a man like President Mugabe who has been president for 28 years resorting once again to this program of torture and abuse of his own people. He is a pathetic meglomaniac ruler who will never give up any power.

Military Leaders Say PM Brown Wrong On Inquiry

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has rejected requests for an overall inquiry into the origin and conduct of the war in Iraq on grounds that such an investigaton would “disract” from the current war going on. He insists any inquiry should take place when the “work is over” in Iraq. But, a number of Britain’s former defence figures have rejected the Prime Minister’s warnings to hold such an investigation would undermine the troops. Field Marshall Lord Bramal, who commanded troops during the Falkland War, responded: “I don’t think an inquiry cold be a distraction. I think it is such a political hot potato the Government is not going to want it before the next election. There are few issues which people want to know about–why was there no planning for the aftermath of the war and how did we get involved in the first place.”

Lord Craig, former marshal of the RAF, supported this view. “I think it is very timely to have an inquiry before memories fade. The fact that there remain some British troops still in Iraq–they are on an ‘overwatch’ role and not actively engaged– should not delay it.”

The reality is Gordon Brown was a member of the British government which plunged into a war based on lies and fought it without any long-term plan for dealing with issues that were bound to occur. No wonder he would prefer not having such incompetence investigated since it will damage his own reputation. Then again, will the “work” ever be over in our lifetimes?

The Shame of Britain’s Asylum Policy

For hundreds of years Great Britain has been home to thousands of activitists who fled their homeland in search of a port of refuge. But, a new report by the Independent Asylum Commission has issued a searing indictment of the Home Office’s failure to deal fairly with those applying for sanctuary in Great Britain. The commission found the nation’s treatment of asylum seekers “falls seriously below the standards to be expected of a humane and civilised country.” The Home Office apparently is confused regarding its own policy and there is a “lack of access to legal advice for aplicants” which frequently results in unjust decisions about their desire for safety. Three areas of concern include: the use of detention centers which often find torture victims, women and children incarcerated under terrible conditions, the use of force against detainees, and the use of destitution to force people to leave.

Among the most painful episodes in this story of failure is an inability to recognize that many asylum seekers are suffering from post traumatic stress having been brutalized in their home nations and now find themselves once again treated in an inhumane manner. The report took special note of many rape victims who initially felt unable to discuss the experience and their plight became overlooked in the final decision. Cuts in the budget have also meant there are insufficient legal advisers for sanctuary seekers and not enough psychological services.

Many of us raised in the Western world always looked to Great Britain as a model of hope for oppressed people and this report can only sicken those concerned about human rights abuses.

War Begun In Lies And Fought With Lies

Writing on the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, Patrick Cockburn bluntly stated: “It has been a war of lies from the start. All govenments lie in wartime, but American and British propaganda in Iraq over the past five years has been more untruthful than in any conflict since the First World War.” He points out from day one of the war, both governments have been telling their nations one lie after another in order to justify a war whose goals were fraudulent. There never were any WMD so reasons advanced for invading Iraq were a pack of lies from the beginning.

The original heavy bombing of Saddam Hussein residences were aimed at killing the Iraqi ruler. On April 7 the US aAir Force dropped massive bombs on a house in which Saddam allegedly was hiding. Vice President Cheney insisted that day:”I think we did get Saddam Husseing. He was seen being dug out of the ruble and wasn’t able to breathe.” It was a lie since Saddam was never in the house but 18 Iraqi civilians died.

Cockburn charges during the period 2006-2007 a civil war raged between Sunni and Shiite in which about 3,000 people died each month, but neither the US or the UK admitted such a war was going on. He cites the February 1st suicide bombing that killed about 99 people which was blamed on a woman who supposedly had Down’s syndrome. British media echoed the official Iraqi government account even thoough there was no way anyone knew if she had such an ailment or not. All they had was a head. The Iraqi police began arresting mental patients on the theory they represened potential suicide bombers.

His comments describe examples of lies being told. Each example in itself may be interpreted by supporters of the Iraq war as quibbling over minor incidents, but they reflect the ongoing lies and deceit of American, British, and Iraqi government sources who are unable to confront the reality of a war begun in the shameful use of lies and continued with ongoing lies.