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Did Afghan Feud Lead To Incorrect US Air Attack?

A British documentary asserts that a local tribal feud resulted in false information provided to the American military and a subsequent air attack which resulted in the death of dozens of innocent Afghanistan civilians. The hour long documentary includes scenes from a Herat provincial court trial in which a leader from a rival village was sentenced to death for giving false information to American military authorities. The British broadcast also asserts US forces are not cooperating with local police who seek three men from Kalask, the rival village in the torture death of an Azizabad man because the suspects work as guards for the Americans. Tom Roberts, the British director and narrator of the program claims Americans have taken sides in the feud which probably stems from a dispute over jobs working for Americans.

The US military insists the air strike led to 30 civilian deaths along with those of 60 to 65 Taliban militants. The Afghanistan government claims 140 villagers were killed. Investigations by the Afghanistan government and the UN definitely identify the death of at least 90 civilians, but the US military insists they are incorrect. The American military stance resembles the infamous Viet Nam process of daily “body counts” which claimed to have killed X number of the enemy as a result of air strikes. Exactly, how does a pilot flying hundreds of miles an hour know that his bombs killed “militants?”