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“Naughty Nuns” And British Football Team!

Those who reside in the western hemisphere are blessed with not being able to encounter the antics of those who are part of British football teams or simply are followers of the sport of getting drunk and engaging in silly behavior. Seventeen members of the Hanham Athletic Sunday league team were thrown into jail in Crete for dressing up like nuns and parading around the small town of Malia. Crete authorities compelled the band of British boys who ranged in age from 18 to 65 to keep on their habits, including lingerie. The men were upset because they spent a night in jail which one described as “you wouldn’t let a dog use the toilets in there.”

Ah, for the joy of getting drunk, shouting vulgarity, fighting and displaying the spirit that made the British empire a center of the world. We poor colonials, for some reason, just never got caught up in the spirit of dressing like nuns and enjoying the game of British football. We actually attend baseball, football and basketball games with the aim of watching the games, not displaying rowdy behavior. Maybe, we should rejoin the empire and go around dressed like nuns.