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Let Them Eat Salads And Keep Trim!

Gret Britain’s School Fund Trust came out swinging with demands schools should enforce “lock-in” during lunchtime so that children will eat healthy canteen food instead of going off to places where they consume junk food. A survey conducted by the Trust found there are, on an average, about 23 fast-food outlets within a mile of the typical seconday school building. It is concerned students are not taking advantage of new nutritional standards found in school cafeterias because they go elsewhere in search of foods that lead to obesity and poor health. The solution is to adopt a “stay on site” policy which restricts students to school grounds. John Dunford, general secetary of the Association of School and College Leaders, pointed out: “For instance, large schools with multiple entrances would struggle to provide levels of supervision. Other schools were built with canteens that are physically too small to cater to every pupil.”

After 50 years of teaching, I suspect the implmentation of this policy would result in black market foods being smuggled into schools since the ingenuity of adolescent children far surpasses the intelligence of school administrators. Of course, there is also the real issue once out of school they will devour extra portions of junk food. Noble intention, doubtful if it will ever be achieved.