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British Parliament Wants Answers To Torture Claims

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and Home Secretary Jacqui Smith have refused to appear before Parliamen’s human rights committee to answer questions concerning allegation the UK colluded in the torture of British citizens in Pakistan. The Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) wants to know the truth and the Gordon Brown government is pulling a George Bush by refusing to tell the truth. Andrew Dismore, chairman of the Parliamentary committee expressed his disappointment and made clear, “the inquiry isn’t over yet.” He expressed hope that both the government and the committee can use the past in order to move forward in such a manner as to ensure that torture ends. “If people have been tortured, we can’t untorture them, but we can make recommendations about how this it to be avoided in the future.”

The more the Brown government dodges and twists, the more people come to the conclusion that a cover-up is taking place. Ranzieb Ahmed was taken to Pakistan and when he returned three fingernails were gone from his hand. Someone has to answer for such brutality, and if Brown will not respond, perhaps, the British people will in the upcoming election.