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British Will Make It A Crime To Hate Military

Thge British government is introducing new laws which make it a criminal offence to discriminate against peple in militay uniforms and imposes extra penalties on those convicted of assault or harassment of service personnel. These measures stem from a report, National Recognition of our Armed Forces, which was made at the request of Prime Minister Gordon Brown. th study suggests the media and members of parliament shuld have more access to the military, and even suggestions about introducing new school curriculum about the role of the military in British life. The report stems from a few scattered incidents in which bigotry and prejudice was displayed against members of he armed forces.

Those who serve in the military assume responsibilities for protecting the rights of all members of society against outside aggression. Discrimination against anyone because of their skin color or religion or ethnicity or the occupation should not be tolerated in any society. There should be plenty of existing laws to handle those isolated cases in which ignorant people insult those serving in the military.