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Story of An Ordinary Indonesian Maid

There are hundreds of thousand os maids working in more developed nations where people which seek their assistance to avoid taking on the burdens of caring for home and children. They are the anonymous and unseen people who clean streets or the mess someone leaves around a house. Miss Taniyen was one such young woman of 25 who made the long journey from her home in central Java to a nice house in Singapore where her employers promised a good job awaited. She arose every morning, cared for the child of the family, cooked meals and cleaned floors and then picked up the poop left by seven dogs in her care. She never complained because a job was important to a young immigrant girl born in the rural area of Indonesia.

One day, her employer, Brenda Tan Bee Khim, got upset because a pile of damp clothes lyin on a sofa had not been picked up. She boiled two cups of hot water, grabbed Miss Taniyen by the hair and proceeded to pour the hot liquid into her mouth. The girl cried in pain, but Ms. Khim then ordered her to mop up the water that had fallen on the floor. As she knelt down to do the task, Ms. Khim poured scalding hot water on her back. A few days later, Miss Taniyen was sent home to central Java without having received any money for her 18 months of labor and with an injured body.

This case is being heard in a court in Singapore. The defense counsel argues Miss Taniyen made no complaint when the incident allegedly occurred so how could anyone believe her story. This is simply another one of those stories about what happens to maids working in the homes of the rising middle class of Asia and the Middle East.

Election Zimbabwe Style-Vote Correctly Or Die!

President Robert Mugabe has abandoned any pretense that he will adhere to democratic principles of conducting an election by unleashing his dogs of war to impose their brutal tactics on the people of Zimbabwe. Soldiers and militia belonging to the ruling Zanu-PF of Mugabe, made inhabitants of Rusape gather in an open field where they were told by soldiers: “Your vote is your bullet.” Everyone knew the meaning of the expression. As one woman said, “they are saying we will die if we don’t vote for Robert Mugabe” and then she hurried off to avoid being caught out at night during the unofficial curfew now present in the nation. The Zanu-PF militia and soldiers use the night to carry out their program of intimidation, beatings, and murder against anyone suspected of being a supporter of opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai and the Movement for Democratic Change.

The thugs with their sticks, spears, and knives often go door-to-door in communities seeking those known to be members of the MDC. In Rusape they found Farai Gamba, a MDC organizer, and killed him. N Buhera, they killed Chokuse Muphango, placed his body on a truck and drove it through town to get the message across.

There is no hope in the upcoming election for anything other than a Mugabe “victory.” It is time for the international community to impose sanctions on Mugabe and his killers that will hurt them in the pocket book.

First Hand Account Of Burmese Brutality To Monks

Alan Brown, correspondent for the London Telegraph made contact with a monk who had been jailed and beaten in Rangoon. According to the monk (his name can not be revealed) ‘Day and night, we had to sit on crowded rows with our heads bowed down. If we spoke, looked up or fell asleep, we would be hit. We weren’t allowed to move at all, not even to go to the lavatory– we had to just do it where we were sitting. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon, the guards would come and give us water, but it would be only one or two bottles for 50 people or more.” No medical treatment was provided the wounded. He said some monk who backed the government came and asked the monks to exchange their filthy clothes for new ones, but they refused on grounds they intended to be as they were when entering the prison. Burmese authorities admit to imprisoning 3000, and claim all but 109 have been released, but no one believes their version. The monk who underwent this brutality was finally released and told to leave the area.It is so shocking that members of the military could submit their own clergy to such brutal treatment. One can only wonder if among soldiers inflicting beatings, some are wondering how their behavior can be justified.

Japanese Government Urged To Tell Truth About WWII

As the American public watches the Ken Burns, The War, which vividly describes fighting in WWII, some Japanese civilians are insisting their government finally tell the truth about what happened to civilians on Okinawa. Over 100,000 Okinawans demonstrated in hope their government would finally issue textbooks for children depicting the reality of how Japan’s military leaders distributed grenades to civilians when American troops invaded the island in the spring of 1945. They want children to learn how thousands of civilians were urged to kill themselves rather than surrender to American forces, and women were told rape and brutality awaited if captured by the invaders.

The Chinese government for years has urged Japan to distribute school textbooks which depict the horrors committed by Japanese troops during World War II. Chinese people are furious at the failure of Japan to be honest about what really happened including killing millions of Chinese people and raping thousands of women. Unlike German educators who have exposed children to the brutality of the Holocaust, Japan hides from contemporary youth the story of their own ruthless history of behavior in WWII. It might be beneficial for Japanese educators to show the Ken Burns program.