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Sudan Warns Of Bloodshed If Leader Indicted

Sudan’s government warned there would be violence if their president, Omar Hassan al-Bashir is indicted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court. Bashir has been accused of planning genocide in Darfur which he denies although the evidence is overwhelming that janjaweed forces have killed and raped their way through Darfur. The Sudan government said rebels in Darfur were building up their forces many of which are in Chad in preparation for attacks on Sudan cities and oil fields if Bashir is indicted. A Sudan official argued rebels “will say they are fighting a legitimate cause against a criminal government and a criminal president.”

There is scant need for any rebel group to wait for an indictment against Bashir in order to justify taking up arms against the Bashir regime which doesn’t need any official indictment of war crimes since the world is quite aware of the atrocities it has perpetrated on the people of Darfur.