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Bush Bumbles On In Bucharest NATO Meeting

A sophisticated approach to foreign policy has never been among the strongest qualities of President George Bush. He enjoys talking from the hip in typical Texas bravado which ignores history or the concerns of other nations. In preparation for the upcoming Bucharest meeting og NATO, the president visited the Ukraine where he made another of his stirring calls for democracy. “Helping the Ukraine move toward NATO membership is in the interest of every member in the alliance and will help advance security and freedom in this region nd around the world.” His comments were bound to infuriate Russian President Putin whose nation fears the presence of strong military forces on its border.

Germany and France most probably will veto the applications of the Ukraine and Georgia in order to avoid arousing the anger of Russia. President Bush simply can not grasp that Russia was twice invaded in the 20th century and there is fear when any military bloc atempts to gain strategic areas on the border of its country. It would be preferable to have these countries in the European Union and avoid creating new tensions with Russia.

Perhaps, President Bush is expecting great help from the armies of the Ukraine and Georgia in the war in Iraq. Who knows, he might even get them to send about 500 troops from each nation. That definitely would be a “defining moment” in the war in Iraq.