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Can Buddhism Be Fun?

The Prime Minister of Cambodia halted his work in order to address one of the most important issues facing his nation– can the people of his land laugh while they are dealing with Buddhism? Prime Minister Hun Sen stepped into the dispute which has arisen over the controversial play, “Where Elephants Weep” which infused Broadway themes into a story dealing with Buddhism. Hun Sen was blunt when he made clear, “Buddhism cannot be made into something fun. in the future, we will not allow this problem to happen again.” From now on authors, and playwrights and directors will have to wipe that smile from their face when they do anything connected with Buddhism. After all, religion is a serious business.

I wonder if Buddha ever smiled while he was engaged in discussing issues of importance. I have a hunch, there might have been a slight grin on his face if he listened to the anger in the voice of Prime Minister Hun Sen.