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Glimmer Of Hope-Burmese Junta Ready For Talks

The New Light, official publication of Myanmar’s military junta, printed an article asking opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi to engage in discussions in order to resolve problems. “There should be some form of compromise,” said the publication. “If one side makes concessions, the other side should do so. The situation will get worse if both sides are arrogantly intransigent refusing to budge from their stand.” It appears the military junta is finally ready to enter into serious negotiations in light of world wide concern for the people of Burma. UN envoy, Ibrahim Gambrini, in an interview with the Jakarta Post urged such a meeting “the sooner the better” because both sides have to work out a transition plan for the future. Grambrini is very worried about making sudden changes because he fears it would result in the type of chaos presently in Iraq due to President Bush’s decision to quickly dismantle the Iraqi armed forces.

The UN envoy is working quietly to resolve the stand off between Myanmar’s forces of democracy and the oppressive military junta. In the midst of these negotiations, President Bush announced new sanctions against Myanmar. Bush refused to allow UN representatives to deal with Saddam Hussein and the famous WMD and now he is interfering with UN efforts to peacefully resolve the Myanmar conflict. When will Bush learn to take a deep breath and allow the UN to do its job?