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Burma Democracy–Continue Arrest Of Opposition Leader

The only guaranteed certainty regarding politic in Myanmar is that anyone who dares opposing the thugs who currently run that nation will undoubtedly be sent to the nearest prison or kept under detention. Myanmar Foreign Minister Nyan Win, made clear to members of ASEAN that Aung San Suu Kyi, the nation’s most popular figure, will not be released from house detention this year but will remain under close supervision until well into 2009. He insisted representatives from ASEAN had “misunderstood” his statement regarding the imprisonment of a woman who overwhelmingly won the last democratic election held in the country.

In a sign of disgust with the Burmese statement, foreign ministers of ASEAN issues a statement expressing their “deep disappointment” with the decision. Nations of the world now know, Burmese leaders love signing statements about support for democracy under the illusion democracy means sign a statement but never have any intention of ever carrying it out. Burma is ruled by vicious men who harbor scant interest in their nation. They rule to ensure power and enrich themselves of the nation’s wealth.

Burma Supports Human Rights–Which Ones? Junta’s?

The thugs who control the nation of Burma once again publicly stated their support for human rights by ratifying the charter of the Association of Southeast Nations(ASEAN) and vowed to uphold its democratic ideals. However, they also made clear upholding human rights does not mean releasing opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi or other dissidents who are imprisoned. Foreign Minister Nyan Win said: “Myanmar’s ratification of the charter demonstrates our strong commitment to embrace the common values and aspirations of the peoples of Asean.” Nyan Win was also among ASEAN nations which set up a high-level human rights body and urged “Myanmar to take bolder steps towards a peaceful transition to democracy in the near future.”

There is no question when it comes to issuing statements and promises concerning democracy, the junta which rules Burma never fails to adhere to the highest standards of democracy. The part they struggle with is implementing words into actions. This simply is another example of rhetoric and there is scant evidence anything concrete will result in terms of according the people of Burma their basic human rights.

Burmese Dissidents May Explore Armed Resistance

Supporters of a democratic Burma have for decades adhered to a non-violent approach in order to secure some form of democratic processes in a nation ruled by murderous thugs who use violence in order to enforce their will. An organizer of last September’s failed uprising told the British newspaper, the Guardian, “There is a very real debate among us about how to begin a more sustained armed struggle. We are ready for that kind of action, if we can get the supplies and training we need.” Speaking from exile in Thailand, Soe Aung, the chief spokesperson for the National “Council of the Union of Burma(NCUB) which represents several groups, admitted “some are considering violent means… the Burmese people are not that kind of people, there has been a real change.”

Soe Aung admitted his group is able to receive assistance from the US State Department funded, National Endowment for Democracy, and the United States is “doing the most for the opposition. There has been real success in training and forming an underground movement through religious organizations and monastic organizations. These provide the best cover inside Burma.”

American aid undoubtedly has been provided in the form of access to the Internet and to the media, but utilization of religious organizations for armed resistance raises many issues. This is not to say at some point the Burmese people may decide to resort to violence, but including religious groups might be a mistake.

Still Stonewalling In Burma

The Myanmar military junta continues its obstructive behavior in preventing all possible aid to be provided cyclone victims. It slightly opened the door for some limited assistance from the world, but it refuses to throw open its doors to every possible way to help those who survived the cyclone. As of this date, after weeks of delay and procrastination about 180 visas have been granted although many more people would like to take part in rebuilding the nation of Burma. John Holmes, a top UN official who is handling relief operations, admits they are now reaching people who were caught in the cyclone and survived but that doesn’t mean survivors are receiving all possible aid.

The bottom line is the military junta was complete control over relief operations so it can take credit for whatever food or water or clothing is received by refugees. Burma simply lacks the expertise to handle such a large scale relief operation, but the junta would prefer if people died rather than allow strangers to hand out relief packages.

Burma Junta Claims Everything Is OK In Nation

The Burma mouthpieace, “The New Light” shed some light on what is actually happening inside the country which has been devastated by a cyclone. Unlike the biased western media which goes around taking pictures of devastation and reports that over a 100,000 are dead, the reality according to the military’s mouth piece is its wonderful efficient government has swung into action and cleaned up the mess. In fact, they are even giving people 15 poles and tellling them to build a house and, if they actually need food, there are always those wonderful frogs that can be eaten. After all, eating rice and stuff like that which the world has tried sending will only get people fat.

The New Light blames the western world and the media for after cyclone problems. It insists “these foreign news agencies are issuing such groundless news stories with the intention of tarnishing the image of Myanmar and msleading the international community into believing that cyclone victims do not receive assistance.”

The leaders of Burma were so concerned with the impact of the cyclone they felt it necessary to go through with a referendum on a new constitution as people were suffering without food or water. We all know which comes first, a constitution which ensures continued rule by the thugs who run Myanmar or assistance for those who are suffering.

Burma Junta Still Refuses US Aid

Numerous ships are standing by idly off the coast of Burma because the ruling military junta refuses to allow them to land supplies. American ships are prepared to leave after its commander, Admiral Timothy Keating, tried on fifteen different occasions to convince
the Burmese government to allow him to send in helicopters carrying supplies but he was turned down each time. Thailand’s Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej says the Burma junta is controlled by paranoids who fear the sight of a foreign soldier would alarm the population and make them believe their nation was being invaded.

There are no words anyone can utter about the madness of the group which runs Burma. They truly suffer from paranoia and interpret the presence of any soldier from another country as somehow the first step in a process of revolution that will overthrow their government. Given the junta contols all forms of communication, is not facing any armed rebellion, what exactly is the source of their fear the sight of a foreign soldier would inspire rebellion?

Burma -One Month After Disaster, Still A Disaster!

A month has passed since a devastating flood swept through Burma causing over 100,00 deaths and leaving at least 1.5 million people without the basic necessities of life. A month has passed since the international community reached out in an effort to assist cyclone survivors, but one month later the xenophoic military junta which rules the nation still displays its fears of allowing foreigners into the country. Sarah Ireland, of Oxfam, the famous organization which brings aid to people who have been impacted by disaster, quietly notes “people need basic relief which is shocking after four weeks.” It was not until this week the International Red Cross was even able to send in several disaster relief experts in order to identify solutions to problems caused by the cyclone.

The Burma military thugs who run the nation have displayed unparalleled indifference to the problems facing their own people. The have, in many cases, given people fifteen poles and told them to build their own homes or blandly remarked if they are hungry they should eat “frogs.” Ships are off the shores of their nation with food and water and clothing but they have been refused entry because the junta fears foreign spies will somehow use the cyclone disaster as a pretext to overthrow the regime. All the world can do at this point in time is sit by idly and wonder.

Myanmar Blinks And Says OK to Aid

After forcing cyclone victims to go without assistance from the outside world, the military junta which rules the nation finally agreed to allow all aid workers to enter the nation in order to bring in supplies and those with exprtise in dealing with such calamities. The world has been chastising Burma leaders for weeks, but UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was finally able, as a result of his personal mission to the country, to secure permission from General Than Shwe to allow the aid workers to enter. As a further concession said Ban, “he(Shwe) has agreed to allow all aid workers regardless of nationalities” to to enter the country which is ordinarily closed to the outside world by its reclusive leaders.

The Un estimates about 133,00 are dead as a result of the cyclone and over a million displaced. So far only a trickle of assistance has been able to enter Burma and only small percent of those impacted by the devastation even been able to receive any food or clothes or water. General Shwe is willing to allow aid workers to use Rangoon as its headquarter site in bringing in aid.

The State Peace and Development Council(SPDC) as the military junta calls itself, has drawn international condemnation for its attitude in refusing to help its own people. It is estimated it will take about $11 billion to restore conditions to what existed previous to the storm.

No See, Hear, Speak Evil About Burma Military Junta!

The continued stubborness of the Burmese military junta which has controlled that unfortunate nation for forty years is only matched by the reluctance of Western nations to utter a word of complaint about these ruthless creatures who are endangering the lives of thousands. Shari Villarosa, of the US Embassy in Yangon, when asked about reactions to the delay in allowing aid relief, could only respond: “At the moment, it’s all about the humanitarian catastrophe.” Unfortunately, the catastrophe requires exerting pressure on the junta whose paranoid behavior is literally unmatched in the contemporary world.

A dual message is being conveyed to the generals who run Myanmar, one is that acting stubborn will result in other nations backing away from being critical. The other message is their absolute power will remain unchallenged for years to come.

Is there any pressure that can be exerted upon the military junta? At present, the Burmese junta relies upon the support of India, China, and Thailand, three nations which can place pressure, if they are confronted by the outside world. China needs her Olympics and quiet suggestions can be made about possible consequences if the Chinese refuse to use their leverage on Burma’s rulers. The same mght apply to Thailand and India.

Myanmar Military Junta Continues Blocking Aid

Thailand was able to send a medical team into Burma on the 14th day of a disaster that has had scant impact on the thinking of the ruling military junta. The Myanmar government insists the death total is about 43,000 but UN estimates range as high as 130,000. The Burmese government is only using six helicopters each day and has turned down offers of addditional planes from Western nations claiming everything is under control. US aid is only trickling in since the Burmese are maintaining close watch over any aid coming from a western nation.

The reality is nothing much can be done for the Burmese people since western and Asian nations lack the will to enforce tough actions which might upset the thugs who run Burma. India, Indonesia, and China have invested billions into Burma and are making money from trade with that nation. There is no economic incentve to take any action which would result in antagonizing the military leaders. In the meantime, the people suffer.