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Sanity Prevails In Spain

Fortunately, it not only rains on the plains of Spain it apparently rains common sense to its people. Even as Belgium and France were passing laws that ban Muslim women from wearing a veil–niqab or burqa– the Spanish legislature rejected such a proposal by a 21 vote margin. The Conservative Popular Party introduced a resolution that would bar wearing of veils in public buildings on the theory in so doing the rights of Muslim women were being protected. PP member, Soraya Saenz argued: How can our soldiers be fighting in Afghanistan for the liberty of these women while the government has no courage to defend them here?” The assumption of her statement is Muslim women in Spain are being forced to wear veils. In reality only a few hundred Muslim women wear such veils which suggest 99% of women wear what they desire.

Laure Rodriguez Quiro of the Union of Muslim Women In Spain points out everyone has to identify themselves in order to enter public building so this is a non-issue. Isn’t it about time those who claim to “speak for Muslim women in Spain” actually ask them what they desire?

Cover Your Face In France And Off To Jail!

The French economy confronts serious problems, President Sarkozy just about every day has another scandal emerging including did he or did he not get money from a rich elderly heiress. So, what does the National Assembly decide to discuss– new job proposals, confronting government pensions? Of course not, the real issue facing France is whether to allow the current 1,900 Muslim women who wear a face covering to continue covering themselves up! The vote to ban the niqab and burqa was 335 to one with many Socialist and Communist deputies abstaining. The proposed law makes it a crime for anyone to cover his or her face in public, while shopping, entering a building, and, I assume taking a shit. The cry by supporters is to preserve French culture and the community of those living in the land. Of the estimated five million Muslims about 1,900 women wear either of these garments so it is understandable of the need to have them cease and desist.

A visit to any beach in France reveals women with scanty dress and, in many case, they go about with tops available for anyone to see. Naturally, this is OK since the issue is revealing all. I wonder if women and men will now be asked to drop the bottom half of their garments so we can see the you-know-what parts.

My real question is: If I decide to rob a store or bank and cover my face do I get punished with a fine since I just broke the law forbidding covering faces in public places? Is so, let’s rob banks and pay the fine.

France-Nation Of Civil Rights, Strikes Blow Against Them

French President Nicolas Sarkozy regards himself as a defender of basic French values, among which is the need to ensure that all citizens are able to see the faces of others. OK, take off your clothes, fine, walk around without a bra, OK, wear a motorcycle helmet that hides the face, terrific, as long as the rider is not a Muslim woman. He told parliament that France, historically, has been based on values that foster the desire for all to live together in harmony. “A full veil which completely hides the face is an attack on those values, which for us are so fundamental.” He is introducing a bill that criminalizes the wearing of a burqa or the niqab by Muslim women. “Citizenship has to be lived with an uncovered face.” Funny, I studied the French Revolution, but do not recall any such goal of the revolutionaries.

Mr. Sarkozy apparently has not studied French history. The idea that France welcomed people of all backgrounds to become part of the national community is a joke. Nick, do you recall the furor over the Dreyfus case, the neo-Nazi groups during the 1930s, the Vichy government which readily delivered Jews to the Nazis? France has always demonstrated both bigotry and warmth to strangers. Surely, 2,000 Muslim women wearing veils will not threaten to destroy France.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the sky is ready to fall on top of France unless its government takes swift and effective action to ban women from wearing a full face veil. Who knows which evils will sweep through the French countryside unless women can sleep safely in their beds knowing that Muslim females are not allowed to wear the burqa or niqab. If Muslim women can cover their faces how can French males know who is desirable or who is entitled to a whistle of admiration? How can authorities allow women to wear these disguises without opening opportunities for bank robbers to steal with impunity knowing no one will be able to identify them?

The fight against the veil is not really about the rights of women to dress as they desire, it is a fight to save Western civilization against evil influences from the Muslim world. First, we will have 2,000 Muslim women among the two million in France wearing face coverings, and next we will witness the death of a bikini on the beach and after that revealing boobs on dresses! France is fighting a battle for all men who demand the right to see all. How about a ban on women wearing blouses? Why can’t we men see the real breast? It is our right!

Down with the veil, up with nudity. And, let’s make damn sure that motorcycle riders can not cover their faces!

Belgium Votes To Decide Female Dress

The Belgian legislature has decided to join the ranks of Iran and Saudi Arabia by deciding how Muslim women should or should not dress while in public. Buy a vote of 136 to zero the Belgian parliament voted to ban the wearing of the burqa or niqab in public. Denis Durcame, an MP, boasted, “we’re the first country to spring the lock that has made a good number of women slaves.” The Belgian action is expected to shortly be followed by nations like France or Austria. This is the first example in modern European history in which government decides teh dress of women. According to the law, use of the niqab or burqa is forbidden in the street, sports buildings public gardens, and buildings “meant for use or to provide services to the public.”

I assume there is a rational reason to prevent the use of these garments in parks, but it at this moment it escapes me. Perhaps, the law is designed to prevent animals from being upset at the sight of women whose faces are hidden. As I recall in my youth there were nuns who wandered the streets in garments that prevented their legs from being shown. How about a law forbidding any garment which does not reveal legs?

Unveiling Ideas On Veils In France

There are hundreds of thousands of Muslim women in France and about 2,000 or so wear the niqab or the burqa. President Nicolas Sarkozy is determined to save French culture and civilization from the prospect those 2,000 women in veil will somehow overthrow conventional wisdom and persuade the entire female population to put on the veil. A proposed law would ban wearing either the niqab or burqa in public places, on streets or in shops and markets. According to a spokesperson for Sarkozy, wearing these garments “is a rejection of our values” and leads to eroding the principle of community life.

Each religion has its Orthodox branch which is more traditional and all too often limits the rights and freedom of women. Most legal experts believe the Sarkozy law would violate not only the French constitution but would be declared illegal by the European Court on Human Rights.

One can assume the next veil to be declared illegal would be helmets that cover faces. But, then again, such masks are not worn by Muslims.


The world is confronting an enormous economic decline and millions of people have lost life savings and homes, but to the Brussels federal parliament the issue of the day is denying Muslim women the right to wear the niqab or burqa in public. According to Daniel Bacquelain who proposed the new legislation which makes it a crime for a Muslim woman to wear these face coverings in public, he was taking a stand for freedom. “It is necessary that the law forbids the wearing of clothes that totally mask or enclose an individuals. Because, in his view, wearing the burqa in public is not compatible with an open liberal, tolerant society.” Huh? How can there be an “open, liberal, tolerant society” if women can not wear clothes they choose to wear?

P.S. There are about 500,000 Muslims in Belgium and it is rare to find any woman wearing these garments. Is this much ado about nothing other than destroying a woman’s right to wear what she desires?

How To Get Writer’s Cramp–Write Like Taslima!

Taslima Nasreen, was forced to flee her native Bangladesh because of her writings concerning Muslim women and their right to wear clothes they desire. Riots broke out in the Indian city of Karnataka that left two dead because of this notorious woman who has weird ideas about the rights of Muslim women. She has written against the burqa, which to some fundamentalist Muslims, is akin to drawing cartoons which depict the Prophet Mohammed in poses that are not complimentary. Several members of the Indian Parliament expressed support for her and as one noted: “she is not Mafia. She has not committed any criminal offense. She should be allowed to stay.”

Most probably, she will head back to the European Union which has offered this gifted woman an opportunity to live in peace and to write in peace. Hopefully, there will come a day when Muslim women enjoy the same rights as men and can express themselves without unleashing the forces of hate and violence.

Funny, no one ever riots about what Muslim men wear.

France Will Reject Male Immigrants Who Support Burqa

French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said he would sign a decree which refused French nationality to a man who forced his wife to wear the burqa on ground such beliefs have “no place in our country.” Fillon told the media, “It is French law. The civil code has for a very long time provided that naturalisation could be refused to someone who does not respect the values of the (French) republic.” The French leader argued the man in question imposes “the burqa, he imposes the separation of men and women in his own home, and he refuses to shake the hand of women. If this man does not want to change his attitude, he has no place in our country. In any case, he does not deserve French nationality.”

The decree came after a parliament report last week calling for a ban on the burqa in schools, hospitals, government offices and public transport. According to figures of the Interior Ministry, only about 1,900 Muslim women in France wear either the burqa or niqab. The precedent of this legislation is allowing a government to decide what is “French” or not. Can the definition be extended to political ideas, other social ideas? There is no threat to “French society” whatever that means, and it is much ado about nothing. If a woman is being abused by her husband there currently are laws on the books to deal with the situation.

Let’s Not Burqa Down Says Sweden

Swedish political leaders refuse to become caught up in the anti-burqa, niqab controversy which has engulfed France. The French Parliament has condemned wearing of these garments and charged anyone who covers the face is somehow threatening the very existence of French culture. Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt made clear he opposed any such actions and “that’s not something I want” or will support for Sweden. He spoke in response to a discussion in his nation’s parliament where some members expressed support for banning the burqa and niqab. As Reindfeldt noted, any “such legislation shouldn’t lead to certain women being isolated even more from Swedish society.”

If a Muslim women wears either of these garments, she is active in society. The fear is passing such legislation might lead very conservative Muslim families to keep women at home and out of public participation.