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French Hypocrisy Or French Freedom?

The world is experiencing a severe economic crisis, there are terrorists blowing themselves up along with innocent people, and the government of France is focused on women veils as the critical issue confronting humankind. President Nicolas Sarkozy affirmed his belief that all people in France had freedom to worship and he would fight to defend that right. He insisted his administration would fight to prevent Muslims from being stigmatized. However, when it comes to the issue of Muslim women being able to wear the burqa or niqab, “I will not allow anyone to lead my country down this regressive path.”

He attacked the very nature of women wearing the veil and charged, “behind the veil hid scandalous practices that are contrary to our history” and made clear he is determined to”wage a controlled political battle against fundamentalism.” The French legislature passed laws making it illegal for women wearing the veil to enter public institutions although some MPs wanted the ban to include public appearances.

I am glad President Sarkozy is concerned about “scandalous practices” and I assume he will now ban allowing Catholic priests to enter churches given the fact some priests have engaged in scandalous practices. The reality is fewer than 2,000 Muslim women wear either the burqa or niqab, a lot fewer than men and women wearing face covering helmets while driving motorcycles. Grow up France, if you really are worried about religious scandals, head for the nearest church!

France: We Have To Deny Freedom In Order To Save It!

The French government is pursuing its war against the burqa and veil. A cross party committee will soon be proposing laws to curb the right of Muslim women to wear either of these garments. According to proposed legislation, it will be illegal for anyone to cover her face if she wishes to enter a public facility like a hospital or school or bus. Anyone refusing to uncover the face will be fined and denied the right to enter. In other words, if a Muslim woman enters the emergency room of a hospital, she can be denied service. A Muslim woman who wears either of these garments can be denied the right to ride on a bus or go to school. As President Sarkozy puts it, neither the burqa or niqab is “welcome” in France.

Let me get this straight. France, in the name of sexual equality is denying women the right to wear a niqab or burqa! Huh! One French MP put it honestly when he told Le Figaro, “we have to make life impossible for them in order to curb the phenomenon.

Actually, most surveys indicate fewer than a thousand women of the five million Muslims in France wear either of these face coverings. As one American officer put it during the Vietnam war when he was burning a village, “we have to destroy the village in order to save it.”

No Room IN France For The Burqa Says Sarkozy

France is a modern post industrial society in which people receive quality education. But, it is also a nation in which what Muslim women wear appears to rank as among the key issues of life. President Sarkozy told the world that all beliefs are respected in France, but “becoming French means adhering to a form of civilization, to values and to morals.” According to this system of thought, “France is a country where there is no place for the burqa.” Powerful words concerning a piece of garment worn by fewer than five percent of all women in France. One can only wonder why covering a body is an immoral act but revealing the entire female body on a beach is a mark of “civilization.”

Wearing a burqa in France is a voluntary action on the part of women. Most estimates is only a fraction of Muslim women decide to wear one. How does that action threaten French civilization? Of course, one could ask Sarkozy about French civilization which tortured and killed Algerians or the countless brutal actions against those who were in French colonies. Mr. President, care to make a comment about what happened in French Indo-China!


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

UK, The Independent: “Madoff Beach House For Sale”
It comes with its own built-in Ponzi scheme.

South Africa, Argus: “Cops Raid Sex And Drug Den”
A good time was had by all.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Texting And Driving Don’t Mix”
But texting and Death do.

Finland, Sanomat: “Academics Pressured By Useless Idiots”
That is no way to speak about the faculty.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Accused Drug Smuggler Extradited To US.
I thought we wanted them out, not in.

Sweden, The Local: “Faked Psychosis”
If you fake a psychosis is that not an example of a psychosis?

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Let’s Have Peace”
Tell that to the Tea Party nut cases.

UK, Guardian: “Uk Leads World In Underage Drinkers”
Is that better or worse than leading in overage drinkers?

India, Hindustan Times: “Obama Reveals Pet Peeves”
Republicans, Limbaugh, Beck, etc…

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Police Hunt Burqa Clad Bandit”
Her name is Sheila Berkowitz.

A Stranger In One’s Homeland-Afghanistan!

The Bush Wars of the Middle East have created a new generation of refugees ranging from Christians forced to flee Iraq to Afghans compelled to seek safety from the Bush “freedom and democracy” Afghanistan. Sahar Jahish, who lives in the Netherlands, recently returned to her native Afghanistan and was surprised to see women in the streets, a far cry from the land she left. The piercing looks from men impacted a woman attired in western dress and she even considered putting on a burqa. “They say women have been kept at home for a long time and men are not used to seeing women in the streets. It’s impossible for me to comprehend. This may sound stranger, but after experiencing this, I can understand why Afghan women wear a burqa.”

There is no question Afghanistan has changed due to the invasion. The real question is the depth of this change and how quickly the old ways will return once the Taliban gain power. It appears, despite billions spent on rebuilding Afghanistan, the change may be cosmetic. Is Afghanistan ready for Democracy, a la Bush style?

Sarkozy Confronts World’s Greatest Issue–Burqa!

Iranians are fighting for freedom in the streets of Tehran as they march directly into men wielding batons and chains, some of the protestors are wearing western clothes, some women are in jeans, and some women are wearing the burqa. But, to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the most critical issue confronting his nation is not the recession, it is not loss of jobs, it is not an education system which does not assist all children, NO, to the man with a beautiful wife it is the sight of women wearing a burqa. He told parliament the issue is not one of religious rights, but “the burqa is not welcome on the French Republic’s territory. It is not what the French Republic wants for the dignity of women” since wearing it is reflection that women are being debased and treated like second humans.

The highest estimate is that about 50,000 Muslim women in France wear a burqa which suggests the vast majority do not. A high percent of women who are protesting in Iran wear the burqa without conveying a sense of inferiority or personal debasement. Ironically, it is men wearing western dress who are beating them.

The issue of the burqa is much ado about nothing. Women have the right to dress as they please and if some prefer the burqa why is that a concern of government? If we allow government to decide women can not wear a burqa it opens the door for government to decide every aspect of the personal lives of people.

Ironically, first lady Carla Bruni of France goes around wearing a dress that reveals her ample breasts. I suspect there are people who view such dress as inappropriate for a woman. Frankly, who cares if she is bare breasted or all covered up?