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US Expert On Torture-Waterboarding Is Torture!

Malcolm Nance, an expert on torture techniques who has trained hundreds of American servicemen and women to resist interrogation by puttting them through “waterboarding” exercises, denounced this techique as an example of torture and insisted it immediately be ended as a method used by members of the American armed forces. He sharply attacked the Bush administration for supporting such interrogation methods. “They seem to think it is worth throwing the honor of 220 years of American decency in war out of the window. Waterboarding is out-and-out torture, and I’m deeply ashamed President Bush has authorized its use and dragged the US’s reputation into the mud.” Mr. Nance pointed out that waterboarding as an interrogation technique is worthless because a person subject to it will say anything in order to end the experience.

Amnesty International is leading the campaign to end such brutality and is releasing a film which depicts the horror of the use of waterboarding. The film will be released today and can also be seen on: www.unsubscribe-me.org