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George, Hit The Trail Says Der Spiegel

Gregor Peter Schmidt, Der Speigel correspondent writing from Washington D.C., said when President Bush arrives in Europe this week, he will be greeted by people who smile not so much at his arrival, but at the thought of upcoming departure. He notes “European diplomats in Brussells are often heard to complain that they feel ignored by their American counterparts.” Right now there is a great chicken war raging between the EU and America but it eventually will get resolved. The real problem is why such a minor issue as the importation of chickens can create such turmoil among supposedly close allies.

“Since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003,” write Schmidt, “Europeans have viewed Bush with a great measure of distrust and fully 77% now disagree with his international policies according to the most recent Transatlantic Trends survey published late last year.” However, says Schmidt, Bush will not encounter true feelings but outward manifestations of joy. Fortunately, President Bush doesn’t realize they are joyful he is leaving. European nations await the new year that brings a new president.