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Once Again Somalia Heads For Chaos

There is always considerable anger toward Bush regarding his fiasco in Iraq, but few critics n America ever note his equally inept policies in Somalia which have plunged that unfortunate land into further chaos. Two years ago, Bush encouraged Ethiopia to send its forces into Somalia to crush an Islamist fundamentalist government. The Christian soldiers of Ethiopia never established positive relations with the people of Somalia and for two years war has ranged between fundamentalist insurgents and the government established by US-Ethiopian forces. Islamist rebels moved ever closer to the capital of Mogadishu and now are on the outskirts. Rebel forces are on America’s list of terrorists, but they receive considerable support from the local population which is tired of war, tired of the ineffective Somalia government and only hopeful for some sort of peace, regardless of who brings it.

Rebels now control ports as well as a large section of Somalia. Most probably, Ethiopian troops will soon leave, restoring the situation to what it was two years ago. Will Bush urge another Ethiopian invasion?