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Bolivian President Morales Attacks Bush!

Presdient Evo Morales of Bolivia asked his Brazilian counterpart, President Lula da Silva, to intercede on his behalf with President George Bush in order to halt what he claims is an American sponsored campaign in support of Bolivian opposition groups. “There is brazen participation by the U.S. embassy in the organization of the autonomy movment,” according to Morales. Morales accused the United States of providing funding for groups supporting the May 4 referendum organized by the government of the Santa Cruz region whose goal is estalishing autonomy from the central government.

An issue separating the Bolivian people revolves over concern from some elements of Bolivian society that President Morales seeks to impose his political and economic views on areas that are more focused on a capitalist than a socialist belief. Morales represents the emergence of indeigenous groups to leadership in Bolivian society which is a break from the past. Many members of the Bolivian middle class fear Morales will impose a Venezuelan or Cuban style government.

There is no doubt Bolivia is a divided nation in which the underclass lives in poverty and a middle and an upper class enjoys the life style found in more economically developed nations. Isn’t the question how the needs of lower classes can be met without adopting the authoritarian aspects of Veneuzuela or Cuba?