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Is Bush Good For Israel?

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told his Cabinet the administration of George Bush is “especially friendly” to the people of Israel. He told them Israel could not be certain the next American administration would be as supportive as that of Bush so it is necessary to take actions now in order to protect against any future possibility. “Therefore the element of time hold special importance(because things won'[t necessarily be the same) with the next government.” After all, pointed out the prime minister, “we don’t know what will happen with the next U.S. government.” However, he stated his belief any American president will “preserve the special friendship” with Israel.

Many neo-conservatives have argued George Bush has been a friend to Israel. Has he? Is Israel in 2008 more or less secure than what it was in January, 2001? The evidence is overwhelming most Israelis feel more insecure over the past few years. The Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq has also been a disaster for Israel by creating new powerful militant organizations. Bush encouraged Israel to follow its misguided no talk with Hamas which has only worsened the situation. Perhaps, neo-conservatives can provide evidence George Bush has improved the security of Israel and its chances to negotiate peace with Palestinians. This blog can not find any such evidence. The best thing any American president can do to assist Israel become more secure is to encourage genuine compromise and ceasing further construction in the West Bank or in E. Jerusalem.

Mediation, Bush Style- A Palestinian Perspective

Mohamed Al-Nuseir, who lives in Bethlehem, was shocked to learn on Saturdfay the Israel government was seizing his land in order to build 1,00 units in Jerusalem to house settlers. The decision came on the eve of President Bush’s visit to Israel where his goal was acting as a mediator between the opposing factions. Israel’s move to build more housing in east Jerusalem is apparently based on the view that Bush has relatively scant interest in such issues. In addition to the new housing, the Israel army announced establishment of new checkpoints that hinder the free movement of Palestinians on the West Bank. Last week, ?Fatima Sidr, 32, was forced to give birth in the middle of the street because Israel soldiers at the Hebron checkpoint would not allow her husband to get her to the hospital.

Bush apparently does not believe a Paletinian state can be created this year, but hopes there can be an agreement “on the definition of the Palestinian state.” There is indication Bush will continue allowing West Bank housing until Palestinian authorities halt terrorist attacks. Of course, terrorists can impetus to attack because Palestinians believe their rights are being ignored. As of this point, the only pressure Bush exerts upon Israel is to dismantle illegal outposts that have been built without authorization. Of course, at most, these outposts all together contain less than a thousand people. Any Israel government would be more than happy to exchange these few settlers for the right to continue West Bank settlements.