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Saudi Leader Blasts US Policy On Iran

Americans have a tendency to view the world through their own lens and assume the rest of the world shares the same perspective. Prince Turki Al-Faisal told a group in Jordan the region was still suffering from the “sickening legacy” of George Bush which allowed Iran to assume a dominant role in the Middle East. The prince was a former Saudi ambassador to America and head of its Intelligence, and he expressed the view of many Saudis about the impact of American actions on the rise to power of Iran. He described Iran as a “paper tiger with claws of steel” since it does not have a strong economy and its political structure is still very weak.

The prince recalled a statement made in 2003 by Prince Saud to the Council on Foreign Relations in which he described the American invasion of Iraq as “essentially handing Iraq to Iran.” The American people were sold a bill of damaged goods by George Bush, Fox News and the media about Iraq that has resulted in wiping out Iran’s enemies and making it the source of funding of Islamic terrorism in the region.