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Sarkozy Puts Thumbs Down On Bush Missile Plan

President Bush has insisted for over a year there is need for a missile defense system in Poland to protect Europe against missiles from “rogue” nations like Iran or North Korea. Of course, North Korea is presently cooperating with the world on its nuclear development and Iran, as of this date, has no missiles, and certainly no plans to send any to Europe. President Nicolas Sarkozy, at a meeting with President Medvedev who is upset at missiles being stationed on his border, told the Russian leader of his misgivings about the missile system. “Deployment of a missile defense system would bring nothing to security… it would complicate things and would make them move backward.” His remarks came after a week in which Medvedev warned about the possibility of deploying Russian missiles to the border of Poland.

Sarkozy is the current president of the European Union and is concerned that Bush plans only would result in furthering hostility in Europe. “We could continue between Europe and Russia to threaten each other with shields, with missiles, with navies. It would do Russia no good, Georgia no good, and Europe no good.”

Hopefully, newly elected president Obama will sit down with Sarkozy and get his take on the situation rather than listening to the crazy ideas of George Bush.