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Iranian Reformers Being Tortured To Confess Plot

There are unconfirmed reports the Iranian government has offered consultancy positions to former Vice President Cheney,former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, and members of the Bush administration who served in the Justice Department and developed a legal rationale for torture. It is apparent that many Iranian reformers who have been arrested are being subject to torture in order to elicit “confessions” which would be aired on TV in order to prove that demonstrations were organized by British and American agents. We assume George Bush would defend the use of torture by a government in the name of “national security.” Of course, in this case, “national security” is being used by thugs and murderers to justify their authoritarian regime.

Several people who were in prison report they heard screams coming from rooms where men like Motafa Tajzadeh and others were being “interrogated.” Perhaps, if the Iranians persuaded American specialists in torture they could get “confessions.”

We wonder if President Obama still believes it is important in the name of “national security” to protect those who torture and not reveal pictures or documents. It is quite evident Rush Limbaugh and Bill Bennett and Lou Dobbs and Bill O’Reilly are on TV decrying the use of torture by the Iranian government.