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Fall Out From Bush War-Iraq Christians Flee For Lives

The Christin right in America frequently expresses their belief that George Bush is a stalwart defender of Christian principles. When American troops entered Iraq there were about 800,000 Christians in the country, but today, more than half have fled the fundamentalist Muslim government which has done little to protect Christian rights. German churches are now urging their government to be generous and grant asylum to those fleeing the murderous rule of fundamentalist Islam in Iraq. Gunter Nooke, commissioner of the German human rights group describes the situation for Iraq Christians as “threats, murder and abduction are part of the daily life for Christians in Iraq.” According to Bishop Wolfgang Huber, Christians in Iraq face violence that is the equivalent of “ethnic cleansings and genocide in othr places.”

Bishop Huber and Catholic officials are urging their government to grant up to 30,000 aslym places for Christians fleeing Iraq. Ironically, the Christians being forced to leave Iraq trace their ancestry back over a thousand years, centuries before there even was a Muslim religion. Now, they must leave as a result of George Bush’s misguided, incompetent invasion which gave no thought to its impact upon Christianity in that nation.

Soldier Arrested For Protesting Bush War

A Kentucky soldier facing his second tour of duty in Iraq tried checking into the VA hospital in Lexington but was arrested on charges of being AWOL. Spc. Justin Faulkner said he told his superior officers of his mental condition and went to the VA hospital where doctors wanted to keep him under observation, but he was arrested. “It’s made me lose respect for the military. to come and arrest me at the VA, it wasn’t like I was trying to hide, trying to run. I was getting help. I am being punished for getting help.” Faulkner completed a tour of duty in Iraq and was headed back for a second one when he felt symptoms of post traumatic stress and wanted mental assistance from the Veterans Administration hospital staff.

Fort Campbell spokesperson, Cathy Gramling, claimed the military installation had sufficient medical staff to assist soldiers with PTS symptoms. Faulkner’s wife who is expecting another child said her husband was displaying symptoms of stress and expressed her outrage “that somebody who fought for our country could be treated like this.” Faulkner was a prison guard who signed up for active duty and then began to feel doubts and stress. “To me,” he said, “we’re fighting Bush’s war that his dad couldn’t finish.”