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The last Australian troops have left Iraq, the last British troops are leaving Iraq and the result is an American presence alongside Iraqi forces. George Bush I went to great efforts to organize a coalition of many nations in preparation for the invasion of Iraq during the Gulf War, but his son was so intent on having a war, that organization and coalition building were thrown aside. Sorry, he did persuade a few hundred Estonian or Hungarian or Italian troops to hitch their wagons to the American team, but as realization grew in other nations that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld had lied about the infamous WMD, they soon wanted their soldiers back home.

History is always filled with “if” suggesting other course of action could have been pursued in Iraq. The debacle of terrorism being strengthened due to Bush actions might never have occurred if caution and honest coalition building had been the focus of American foreign policy in Iraq. There are signs President Obama is concerned about the importance of getting other nations involved in securing solutions to problems.

Mental Health Issues Rise Among Veterans

Many Americans believe their nation is now free of the Bush years because there is a new president in power. However, the Bush legacy lingers on within the judiciary and certainly within the Veterans Administration. A recent study reveals that 106,726 veterans of the Iraq war have sought assistance from the VA health care system for mental health issues. This figure is much lower than the Armed forces which claim only about 62,979 soldiers have required aid in the area of mental health. The difference in numbers can readily be explained by noting once members of the military leave the service they no longer fear shame and humiliation because they claim to have mental health issues. Karen Seal, who wrote the report, points out “veterans seeking VA care may have less stigma and career-related concerns than do active-duty military personnel about disclosing mental health problems.”

The legacy of Bush will linger decades as PSTD issues emerge during the lives of veterans. George will be chopping wood in Texas while those who served their country struggle to get it through the night in one piece. Drug use, alcohol, smoking and a host of other issues may last for years to come and never be calculated in the list of those who were wounded or died in combat.

Israel Will Disband “Illegal”Settlements

The Israel government informed the United States it would demolish 23 “illegal” settlements that were built after 2001. Dan Meridor, a deputy prime minister said the Obama administration was bound by “tacit” understandings on settlement construction that Israel had reached with former President Bush. The so-called “illegal” settlements never received planning permission. However, under international law, all settlements built on occupied territory are illegal. Prime Minister Netanyahu insists his government will proceed with further construction of housing that meets “natural growth” regardless of what the outside world desires. French foreign minister, Bernard Kouchner, told Israel’s ambassador to France “these activities must be stopped” referring to construction of housing in the West Bank. The British and the EU both have urged an end to settlement construction.

It is time for the Israel government to understand the American people voted out George Bush in order to end his idiotic foreign policy. Most American polls reveal a large majority of American Jews support the Obama administration ideas on ending settlement construction. Israel has the option to stand apart from the world. In so doing, it loses any chance to be recognized as a moral government.

Wake up Israel, the world is passing you by.

Somalia Collapse Continues As People Suffer

Future historians will find scant difficulty identifying causes of the terrible destruction which impacted the Middle East and Africa once they have complete access to the files of George Bush and Dick Cheney. Bombings rock Iraq cities every day because Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld did not have a clue on how to deal with the Iraqi situation. The nation of Somalia which has been in a state of collapse for nearly two decades can thank Bush for creating the current mess. In late 2006, Bush persuaded Christian Ethiopia to invade Somalia to get rid of an Islamist government. After two years of failure, the Ethiopians left and in their wake is still another civil war in Somalia. About 4,500 African Union troops are doing their best to hold off insurgent forces, but the Somalia government has been reduced to control of a small area of the capital, Mogadishu.

Frankly, it is clear the militants will triumph and control a good section of Somalia. The important step for America is to cease interfering in nations like Somalia and to accept Islamic control. That is reality.

Somalia Clings To Existence As Militants Attack

There are no “good guys” or “bad guys” vying for power in Somalia, just religious fanatics seeking to control the nation. Two years ago, ignorant President George Bush persuaded Christian Ethiopia to intervene in the Somalia civil war. After two years, the Ethiopians left and the result was al-Qaeda and other foreign Islamics flocked to Somalia in order to gain control of the country. Somalian President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has appealed to the outside world for financial and military support since it becomes evident Islamic fundamentalists with their al-Qaeda supporters will soon be in control of the capital. The African Union has backed the appeal for aid, but there is scant evidence it will do anything other than make a pious comment much as they did in the horror of Zimbabwe. No help is coming.

Somalia will soon be completely under the support of Islamic fundamentalists and al-Qaeda which means it is simply a matter of time before American sponsored groups once again invade and continue the ever ongoing tragedy of Somalia. So many concerned about its future, and so many who don’t give a damn about the people of Somalia.

Dick Cheney’s Prayer For War!

In the aftermath of 9/11, the Bush/Cheney administration turned the nation’s focus to dangers of terrorism and created an impetus which could only be maintained by finding another war to keep people believing Republicans were the saviors of America. CIA Chief Leon Panetta in an article appearing in the New Yorker claims former vice president Dick Cheney thinks “he smells blood in the water on the national security issue” and “it’s almost a little bit gallows politics. when you read behind it, it’s almost as if he’s wishing that this country would be attacked again in order to make his point. I think that’s dangerous politics.” Unfortunately, the chain man is not the only one with that thought in mind. Tune into Fox News or Rush Limbaugh to hear the latest drum beat of fear and war.

There are American who go to sleep every night praying to God their nation was safe from harm. There are others who pray to God that America suffers another terrorist attack in order to prove their point that Barack Obama is a soft hearted liberal who appeases forces of terrorism. These are the sick people who have transformed the Republican party into a center of hate and fear.

Bush Lied About Israel Settlement Growth!!

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the American government his predecessor, Prime Minister Sharon, had reached a secret agreement with former President Bush which allowed further building in West Bank settlements. He said there was a “private understanding” between the men that while Bush publicly told Palestinians he was against West Bank settlement expansion, the Israelis could continue the “natural growth” process of their housing.

However, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have both told Netanyahu that Israel must cease any further expansion of housing since Israel has “obligations” to work for peace with Palestinians and the continued growth of settlements is a major stumbling block in any future negotiations. Israel illegally seized land on the West Bank for the construction of housing and it must cease since the final status of those houses is subject to negotiation.

Does A Defendant Decide Who Are His Lawyers?

Omar Khadr was a fifteen year old boy who was taken to Afghanistan by his father who supported al-Qaeda. During the American invasion, Omar was captured and charged with allegedly killing an American soldier. He is currently charged with five war crimes by US authorities. Ordinarily, in civilized societies a fifteen year old boy is considered a child soldier, but in the world of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld, if you are a Muslim boy, the heck with you. Hundreds of child soldiers in west Africa have been placed in educational programs, but in Bush America Khadr was placed in Guantanamo prison. For over seven years he has been represented by military lawyers who continually squabble with one another. He has requested that Canadian lawyers represent him, but US military authorities will only allow them to be “foreign attorney consultants.”

Canadian lawyers believe Omar has a right to be represented by lawyers in whom he has confidence but that apparently is not the view of America. Now, that President Obama has called for a review of military trials, the trial of Omar Khadr will once again be put off. Of course, he no longer is a child, but what has happened to the fifteen year old who has spent seven years in the company of men the United States terms, “terrorists?”

What Has Happened To The Soul Of America?

Once upon a time people looked to America as a nation which upheld constitutional principles of due process and respect for individual rights. The Bush fiasco in Iraq has stained the soul of America because of its desire to gain victory at any cost even if it meant losing one’s soul and self respect. Philip Alston, the UN Human Rights Council’s special rapporteur on extra-judicial killings issued a report which accuses the United States of failure to properly investigate or punish crimes against human rights. According to Alston, “there has been chronic and deplorable accountability failures with respect to policies, practices and conduct that resulted in alleged unlawful killings–including possible war crimes– in the United States’ international operations.”

Among the cases cited by Alston was the death of General Abed Mowhoush, an Iraq general who was suffocated to death after his head was covered with a sleeping bag and an electrical cord wrapped around his neck. Chief Warrant Officer Lewis Welshofer who was responsible for the death was fined and reprimanded but did not serve any jail time.

America must cooperate with UN officials like Alston and get to the heart of what has been going on from the moment George Bush unleashed the dogs of torture and disrespect for law.

Bush Finally Steps Into The Poop!

During his eight years in the presidency, George Bush not only created more shit than any prior leader of the nation, but he constantly wallowed in the poop. Unfortunately, for Bush, he was guarded by Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld who explained to the gullible man from Texas that it was not shit, but jello and his policies were clean and to be applauded. The other day, Bush recounted to some high school students how he was walking down the street, and his dog, Barney, dropped some poop on the sidewalk which the former president had to clean up all by his lonesome self. He also told them, “I no longer feel that great sense of responsibility that I had when I was in the Oval Office, and, frankly, it’s a liberating feeling.”

Unfortunately, for those serving in the military forces of the United States there is a load of poop all over the Middle East and Afghanistan that requires more than a plastic bag to clean up and it sure is not jello!