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All Somewhat Quiet On The Turkish Front

A feeling of quiet unease pervades many parts of Turkey as people attempt to sort out the situation. Late Friday evening, Chief of Staff, General Yasar Buyukant said neither the government has instructed the military to undertake a cross border operation into northern Iraq against separatist terrorist hideouts there, nor has the military requested permission to carry out such a mission. He said military leaders will meet with Prime Minister Recep Erdogan on November 5 in order to determine future operations. General Buyukant also noted the Turkish military was extremely disappointed in failure of the Iraq government to demonstrate a willingness to crack down on Kurdish rebels operating within Iraq.

Life goes on in Turkey with the minority Kurdish population uneasy regarding the situation. They are caught in a cross fire between an angry Turkish people anxious for revenge against the killing of their soldiers, and a sense of identify with a Kurdish desire for an independent nation. However, most Turkish Kurds regard themselves as members of the Turkish community and realize war will result in an outbreak of hate against them. In the meantime there is uneasiness but life proceeds at its normal pace.

Turkish General Vows To Protect Secularism

Turkish Cheif of Staff General Yasar Buyukant told members of the War Academies Command that the armed forces are guardians of secularism in Turkey and will defend it against any attempt to make changes leading to Islamization of the nation. Prime Minister Erdogan assured the military his government is committed to those principles. “The government and Parliament are safeguards of the secular and democratic republic.”

Prime Minister Erdogan most probably is sincere in his desire to maintain secularism in Turkey, but he does not help to achieve those goals by having a new constitution drafted behind closed doors without any consultation by members of parties opposing his Justice and Development Party. His party only obtained 47% of the popular vote and it would be helpful if it reached out to secular political parties to obtain their assistance in drafting a new constitution. His words say one thing, but his behavior says something else.