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Berlusconi–I Am The Law!

Silvio Berlusconi is not only the richest man in Italy, he is also its prime minister. Under such circumstances, it is not surprising that he sometimes confuses what he believes to be the truth as the truth. Tens of thousands of protestors gathered in Rome after a court adjourned the trial of the prime minister who is accused of bribing his former tax lawyer. Many who marched carried banners which read: “Enough, The Law Is The Same For Everyone.” Where did these people ever get such ann outlandish idea? Heck, here in America, we know the law is different if Wall Street bankers default or go bankrupt so where did these Italians get the nutty idea there is one law for everyone?

Italian law sets a ten year limit for prosecution of corruption crimes, and thus Berlusconi’s case will disappear from the dockets come next year. The prime minister also faces another trial on charges of tax fraud which he notes is definitely the work of “communist” magistrates who behave like a band of “Talibans.”

OK, so perhaps his language is a mite bit excessive, but in his eyes, if you are Silvio Berlusconi, no one can put you on trial for anything.