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The Anti-Bush Speaks At Cairo University

President Obama will be making his long awaited speech to the Muslim world in which he will attempt to prove that his administration is the exact opposite of that of his predecessor, George Bush. His talk at Cairo University is symbolic of his effort to reach out to young Muslims and get their support for a new world in which terrorism is crushed and the creative talents of young Arabs allowed to fruition. He is speaking in the cradle of Islamic intellectual thought, and his speech must offer evidence that America will not longer allow Israel to filibuster efforts at peace negotiations. The Muslim world wants concrete remarks from Obama that he is 100% behind talks that will result in the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

Obama also must deal with the hatred generated by Bush over the brutality that occurred in Abu Ghraib prison and new revelations about photos depicting such violence which the president refuses to release to the public. At best, the president will be happy if Muslim media reports his comments fully and without editing his remarks. At best, he can make clear the determination of the United States to have an independent Palestinian state. However, what if Israel refuses to cooperate in his dream of peace in the Middle East? What then?