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French Clear Refugee Camp

It is estimated that about two hundred million people currently fit the status of “refugee” since they have left their nation of origin to seek a life in another nation. French police surrounded a refugee camp located near Calais and then swooped in to capture refugees including over a hundred children. Refugee organizations believe since the police let people know they were coming, many parents left their children behind as they fled for safety. After refugees fled, in came the bulldozers which leveled the area and left those who once had a place to sleep in search of some form of lodging.

During the roundup, people cried, they protested, they tried resisting but to no avail. Many supporters of the refugees are appealing to the United Kingdom to take in the children and offer some form of asylum to those who face retribution if returned to their nation of origin.

The fact of two hundred million refugees means this is an issue for humanity, not just a single nation. Isn’t it time to establish world wide policies pertaining to treatment of refugees?