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France Closes Migrant Camp in Calais

It is estimated that right now over two hundred million people are refugees in some country other than the one in which they were born. All over the world, refugees huddle in camps seeking ways to enter a nation or just sit in bewilderment hoping that someone will come to their aid. The French government announced it was closing a large migrant camp located in the Calais region which is the hop off point for refugees fleeing to England. The “jungle” as the camp is known sprang up after France closed a large Red Cross center in nearby Sangatte. Immigration Minister Eric Besson told local businessmen in Calais, “the jungle will no longer exist. To maintain develop the junble would be an obstacle to economic interests and employment.” Human rights activists simply noted that refugees would simply find another empty area and create a new jungle, which undoubtedly in turn will be demolished.

Migrant camps are a symbol of frustration and lack of employment in many parts of the world. Until economically advanced nations can develop the basis for economic growth there will be an endless construction and destruction of camps. Local residents complain about criminal behavior but poor people invariably when times get difficult have to find some way to gain money for the necessities of life.