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Muslim Leaders Deny Caliphate Part Of Koran

It is a common claim among those who believe Muslims are engaged in a war against the West that the Koran provides a religious rationale for establishing a global Caliphate that enables Muslims to control the world. Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim nation and one of its prominent Muslim associations, the influential Bathsul Masail, issued a statement to clarify this issue. After carefully examining the concept of a Caliphate, it found no “nash”(argument and reasoning) in books which provide the idea of an Islamic state. “The Khilafah state therefore is a form of “ijtihadiyyah”(interpretation).” In terms of Indonesia, any effort to replace the country’s secular system was prohibited. The Commission warned “the government, religious and community leaders must be veery vigilant toward this trans-national ideology that has threatened the national ideology and unity.”

Hopefully, the ideas of Indonesia’s religious leaders can further the idea that those espousing the concept of a world Caliphate can be challenged on religious ideas. There is too much hysteria about Muslims which allows demagogues and those hating Muslim to frighten people with the fear there is a world-wide conspiracy.