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New UK Cabinet — Still Old Refrain!

A new British Cabinet is being formed by David Cameron as his government composed of Conservatives along with Liberal Democrats begins a new push to bring about change. It is common among new governments to promise the same old things. Cameron insisted there would be cuts in the National Health Service of about 3% or more due to the ever reliable “improved efficiency” approach. It is almost impossible in the Western world to recall a new government whose initial statement was there would be cuts in the budget due to “efficiency.” As I recall, George Bush inherited a budget that had a surplus, but promised during his campaign to cut and cut due to greater efficiency. Within two years he had a deficit budget approaching $200 billion and that figure never stopped climbing.

We will give David Cameron a shot at reality. We hope he can discover how to get the famous “efficiency” into operation. But, we don’t have a doubt in the world, within two years he will be boasting how he “kept down the deficit.” Why don’t we simply elect someone whose name is Mr. Efficiency to clean up the deficits?

Immigration Wars In England

British politics is being impacted by arguments concerning immigration. On one end of the political spectrum, the right wing racist British National Party is urging restrictive laws on immigration while the Conservative Party is attempting to determine how to appeal to the electorate. David Cameron, head of the Conservative Party, is siding with those in his party urging a swing toward anti-immigration in order to siphon votes away from the BNP. Many critics argue such an appeal might gain votes but runs the risk of turning away moderates who are not satisfied with the Labor Party.

There are now 200,000,000 migrants living in countries throughout the world. This world wide phenomenon is creating serious political issues as demagogues vie for votes by appealing to the baser instincts in people.