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Spanking New Way To Get University Degree!

Every so often an individual comes up with a new way of teaching and learning in order to assist undergraduates to obtain a college degree with limited pain. University of Bath Registrar, Karl Woodget, is an educational innovator whose ideas deserve some attention from the world. He took young undergraduates who came from Cameroon and were studying at his college to hotel rooms where he was filmed spanking and caning them. According, to Woodget, he was conducting research into pain management in order to assist humanity to better grasp the extent of pain one will endure in order to secure a phony college degree.

For some reason, his ex-wife thought this was an important study and fully cooperated with the entire operation. Unfortunately, for the women, they will not get a college degree from the University of Bath, but they will come away from the experience with new knowledge concerning pain management.