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McCain Solicits Money From Russian “Evil Empire”

Senator John McCain has denounced the Russian government for its behavior in Georgia, but apparently, he sees no problem in soliciting money from those evil people. Russia’s mission to the United Nations received a personal request from John McCain asking for a monetary contribution that would help him get elected so he could conduct a foreign policy that would seek to destroy Russia’s power. Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin and several other diplomats of the Russian mission received a fundraising appeal from the Republican presidential nominee last week. Unfortunately, for John McCain, Russian diplomats do not contribute to American presidential races.

A spokes person for the McCain campaign said, “we don’t solicit campaign contributions from people who aren’t able to contribute.” One would assume McCain only solicits from right wing kooks who do contribute.

There are reports the solicitation came from Sarah Palin who is an expert on Russia due to her ability to gaze across the Bering Straits and see that nation. I assume in her gazing she saw dollar signs floating in the air.