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Turk Independent Minded Professor Fired

Osman Can is an independent minded professor in Turkey who follows his own path on issues pertaining to the rights of individuals rather than blindly accepting those of either side in debates dealing with individual rights. He learned a few days ago that his presence was not desired at the Cankaya University Law School. Undoubtedly, they did not want a man who supported the rights of Muslim women to wear a headscarf in university. He had recommended to the Constitutional Court it was not unconstitutional to allow women the right to wear a headscarf. Many liberals oppose this right on ground it will spread Islamic ideas in the university but Can believes infringements on individual rights have no place in a university. He also opposed shutting down the Justice and Development Party(AKP) and has taken a stand supporting the rights of conscientious objectors.

Can does not fall into a category but will support fundamentalist Muslims on one issue and their opponents on another. Can opposed law that allow individuals who want more secularism and other cases involving individual rights. The university claimed he was fired because they want professors who attended the college rather than bringing in outsiders.